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alisha | 01 Jul 2019

Revealing 5 Secrets of Success For Real Estate Agents

Revealing 5 Secrets of Success For Real Estate Agents

"What differentiates sellers today is their ability to bring fresh ideas." 

- Jill Konrath

Do you believe that you have it what it takes to outshine in real estate as an agent? The essential aspects namely passion, knowledge and skills are what the Industry experts look for while hiring you as an agent. Let them know you have them all and even more. Having the below traits will give you an edge over your peers. Incorporate them in your personality and see how the growth in you takes place rapidly.

1. Be a self-motivated agent to handle smart business dealings

Being an agent is not only about selling real estate properties. It is equal to having your own business and running it successfully. Your boss or manager is present to offer guidance and support the transaction. Self-determination and smartness to handle other aspects of the business should be your call. What elements make an agent a complete package? He/she must be capable to act as a 

  • salesperson

  • buyer’s advocate 

  • business manager 

  • negotiator 

  • marketer

2. Pledge to a strict Code of Ethics 

Make sure you practice high ethical standards in real estate. The product you market and sell to the customers is tangible, and hence, the chances of being caught with your lies are maximum. Your honesty and strong values will not only benefit your career, but it will strengthen the reputation of your company too.

The flowchart below explains the Code of Ethics that you should practice. A long and successful career in real estate as an outcome is assured.

3. Does architecture and the making of real estate properties interest you?

The indulgence of a real estate agent is often purely on convincing and selling a product to the customers. However, an architect is capable of giving you a fierce competition, considering his/her knowledge of building features and its making. Why not polish your expertise in that side of the industry too? Consider a property’s architectural style and detailing your selling points. While being a top-class agent, start acting like an architect. The clients would be able to feel your interest in the product in your conversation. Eventually, you will be regarded as an expert who cares about the industry.

4. Impress the clients with your personality 

While an agent is bound to spend a lot of time with each client, he/she should have a likeable factor in his/her personality. A good personality is essential for laying the groundwork for the client. 

Going with a sales proverb which says “People buy from people they like”, make efforts to comfort your clients and earn their trust. A good personality begins with a professional appearance and practice of soft skills. Your good rapport will them will potentially turn into lifelong connections.

5. Understanding the background and perspective of your client

While you work for a company and represent the real estate industry, it is equally essential for you to understand the clients' needs as the ultimate power of closing a deal lies in their hands. Your client profile may range from a first-time buyer to an experienced one. 

  • A first-time buyer needs more spoon-feeding. You are naturally expected to be patient and follow the step-by-step theory with such category of buyers. 

  • On the other hand, experienced buyers will demand better options. With them, you have to be prompt and ahead. 

Hence, it is all about changing your approach, considering the level of clients.


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