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01 Sep 2018

Top Bed Styles to Spice Up Your Bedroom

Top Bed Styles to Spice Up Your Bedroom

After a long tiring day, nothing could be better than lying down on fresh and comfortable bedding. But how many of us realize that how much the interior style of a bed can impact this? When it comes to choosing a bed, our main focus should be the style and design because it is a personal piece of furniture that can make our night comfortable. Here are seven-bed styles for your bedroom.

Box Style Bed

These days, space has shrunk in most of the cities, therefore the bed box has become the need of the hour due to the storage it offers. The bed is mounted in a box style with an empty space in between making space for storage. You may choose a manual style or you may opt for drawer style as per your convenience. Image Source - tacurong.com

Bed Box with Drawers on the Side

Your life will become easier and organized if your bed has drawers on the side. The best part of such bed is that there is no need of muscle power while using the lid of the box. Image Source - sweetdreamsonlinecollection.com

Platform Bed

This style was more common before the arrival of the bed box. Well, it is still used in many homes where storage space is not a problem. This style of bed is more versatile and it allows cleaning the floor below the bed on a daily basis. It is available in traditional as well as trendy designs to suit the interior of your home. Image Source - decoist.com

Stylish Headboard Bed

Indians admired those style which is regal but with a touch of tradition in it. The headboard of this bed has a royal look and it gives a modern twist to the traditional elegance of this bed. This style of bed can fit well in a large and spacious room with the rest of the furniture. Image Source - furnituredepot.com

Traditional Style Bed

You all have seen this style of bed in your grandmother’s home where four long rods were fixed on the four corners of the bed. Well, now the same style is back with a modern twist. This style of bed you can use in your large master bedroom since it takes on visual as well as vertical space. Image Source - digizmo.net


This style of bed is a multi-purpose furniture. It is a sofa thus you can use it in your living room. When you want to use it as a bed, unfold it or you can pull it depending upon the style of the bed and can convert it into a comfortable bed. You can use it in your living room or even guest room. Image Source - laorigin.com

Round-Shaped Bed

Round beds are in trend these days because of the unusual shape. It brings luxury to the room like nothing else. Though it eats up space if you can afford space, around the bed, is worth it! Image Source - ideadesigncasa.org



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