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16 May 2018

Say Goodbye To Old-Fashioned Curtains And Try These Cool 6 Alternatives

Say Goodbye To Old-Fashioned Curtains And Try These Cool 6 Alternatives

Finding the best curtain to protect your privacy and create a soothing ambience in your room is a bit difficult. Generally, it is a pain to clean and also there are people who just don’t like the aesthetics of curtains. Gone are the days when we all would require curtains to get some privacy for our ticky-tacky homes.

Metal Screens

Laser-cut metal screens can create a bold architectural statement, and also some have retractable screens which will help to pass air to circulate on summer days.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a modern alternative to traditional curtains. These shades are perfect for ignored rooms and are available in striking shades. These roller shades not only add privacy but also allows light through.

Leaded Glass

You can use beautiful leaded glass windows instead of curtains for your windows. It will let a moody and dramatic air to your living room. These kinds of windows can be as ornate or can be kept as simple as your heart desires.

Awesome Awnings

An indoor cloth awning is an easy alternative to more permanent window treatments for a kids room, reading corner, or cafe table in the kitchen.

Glass Beaded Curtains

Glass beaded curtains can be considered as a great alternative to curtains as a beautiful sun catcher, releasing colourful sunrays entire room. By using this, you'll turn your living space into a stylish cosy bohemian bungalow.

Mason Jar Treatment

Mason jar is also an awesome alternative. You can hang them with hemp twine in a spread out the pattern in your kitchen or dining room. You can fill them with seasonal flowers which will enhance the look of your room.



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