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Marketing Team | 15 Dec 2022

7 Creative Ways to Make Your House Entrance More Welcoming

7 Creative Ways to Make Your House Entrance More Welcoming

The entrance to your home is what imparts the first impression of your sweet home as it comes in sight of your guests. So why not make the best of it? Though you can’t load your entrance with heavy decorations, some slight decor can give a new look to your entrance. There are many key elements that can make your house entrance more stunning. In this article, we have put together

Add a fresh touch

Consider the entrance gate of your house as your opportunity to sweep your guests off their feet. Wooden planters are a great idea to give your house entrance a more elegant look. You can paint them according to the colour of your outdoors which will enhance the look.

Greet guests in style

If you want to create a beautiful first impression of your home, then choosing a door knocker can be a great idea. You can try heavy brass knockers or hand-made door knockers which will enhance the look of your doors.

Spotlight the entry

Add some door lighting on the walls on either end of your entrance house. You can use brass-made lighting to give a rustic look to your entrance. You can also use some modern delicate glass-made lighting, landscape lighting or string lighting to give your entrance a sophisticated look.

Go beyond the wreath

For decoration purposes, flowers have been always considered the best way. You can fill in a basket with flowers or you can just hang a beautiful glass jar with artificial flowers which will give your entrance a creative look.

Colour door, not wall

Try to not colour your walls and paint the doors of your entrance instead. You can paint your doors in deep purple, light and dark green, blue, maroon etc.

Secure yet artistic

You can use stone claddings for your entrance gate which will turn the eyeballs of everyone who is around. It’s a way to create an impressive ambience.

Carpet the entrance

The pathway leading to the entrance door can give a royal touch by using a designed carpet. These beautiful carpets can enhance the look of the house entrance, so try to take advantage of their presence at your entrance gate the best way you can.


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