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Gaurav Srivastava | 01 Dec 2022

7 Vital Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Buying & Selling Your Home

7 Vital Questions to Ask Your Realtor When Buying & Selling Your Home

Table of Contents

  1. Experience of Your Real Estate Agent
  2. Real Estate a Part-Time or Full-Time Job For Your Realtor
  3. Real Estate Agent Work With Both Sellers And Buyers
  4. Negotiation Strategy of Your Realtor
  5. Competitive Advantage of Your Realtor
  6. Feedback and Reviews From The Past Clients
  7. Realtor Works Individually or With a Team

Are you desperately searching for a professional real estate agent but the long list of options is confusing you? If yes, then you don’t need to fret anymore as we are here with a list of questions to ask your realtor. Well, the problem of knowing which realtor to opt for cannot be resolved until you begin interviewing, and as real estate is a high-priced investment therefore you can’t rely on any agent without knowing in detail about him/her.

So, without further ado let’s get straight to the list of questions to ask your realtor when buying your first home before getting into a contract with any.

Question 1: How much experience does your real estate agent hold?

The most crucial questions to ask your real estate agent is about their experience in the real estate industry. An agent who has been in the real estate business for a good amount of time will prove to be a fruitful option. With years of experience, an agent will easily be able to foresee the issues before they arise and will apply tested negotiation strategies to help you buy a property within your budget. Moreover, they will also have trusted relationships with other top real estate professionals.

Question 2: Is real estate a part-time or full-time job for your real estate agent?

Another question to ask your realtor is if they work part-time or full-time. If the answer is “part-time” then it is a red flag and a big reason to move to another realtor. Actually, in the real estate industry, availability plays a vital role. Time is the essence for property buyers therefore you should hire an realtor who makes himself/herself available for you.

Question 3: Does your real estate agent work with both sellers and buyers?

Most of the real estate agents work either as seller specialists or buyer specialists. It is always a good option to find someone who particularly specializes in what you are interested in i.e. buying a property or selling a property because he/she will guide you better in every aspect from start till the end. However, you can also go for a realtor that could offer both specializations but in that case, you will come across limited options to explore.

Question 4: What negotiation strategy will your real estate agent follow on your behalf?

Another great question to ask your real estate agents is what negotiation strategies they will follow. Whether your real estate agent is guiding you to buy or sell, they must have strong negotiation strategies that can work in your favor. The process of buying and selling properties involves a win-win approach and professionalism. So, it’s always suggested to know how the real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf and then choose the one whose strategy seems to be most appealing to you.

Question 5: What competitive advantage does your real estate agent have?

The competitive advantage of the real estate agent plays a vital role in deciding which agent is the best fit to get into the contract with! If your real estate agent does not provide you with any competitive advantage or is unaware of how they can provide you one then it’s time to move on to another agent. Many people hire an agent based on relatives or friendships but that alone cannot work to offer you the best results. So, it’s better to hire an agent who offers a matchless competitive advantage as compared to the others in the market.

Question 6: Does your real estate agent have any feedback or reviews from past clients?

In an industry full of choices, feedback and reviews from past clients play an important role in deciding which real estate agent to go for. The reviews and feedback will allow you to gain a better insight into how your real estate agent has worked with previous clients. So, don’t hesitate to ask your agent about the contact information of the past clients as their feedback will surely help you make a better decision.

Question 7: Whether your real estate agent works individually or with a team?

Whenever you enter into an agent-buyer relationship, it is important to know whether the agent will be coordinating with you personally or is there any team to connect with. It can be pretty alarming for you to be handed off to an assistant. So, you must get a clear idea about who you will be dealing with, what your real estate agent will handle personally, and what all things will get delegated to their support team.

These were the top and the most crucial questions that you can ask a real-estate agent while hiring one. Make sure not to skip any of them and feel free to ask the real estate agent whatever your queries are because in the end your satisfaction matters.

Please keep in mind that it is crucial to hire the right realtor who will help you find a perfect home and make you feel secure every step of the way. Hope you will have a great journey finding a perfect realtor to fulfill all your real estate needs!


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