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Ipsa Rai | 27 Mar 2023

PMC Property Tax: 2023 Guide For Online & Offline Tax Payments

PMC Property Tax: 2023 Guide For Online & Offline Tax Payments

Table of Content:

  1. PMC Property Tax: Overview
  2. Checking Your PMC Property Tax Bill
  3. PMC Property Tax Calculator
  4. Pay Pune Property Tax Online
  5. Pay PMC Property Tax Offline
  6. Discounts on PMC Taxes on Real Estate
  7. Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax Office Contact Information
  8. PMC Property Tax: Key Information To Remember

Pune is a booming metropolis and plays a pivotal role in both industry & academia.  Due to its proximity to Mumbai, Pune has emerged as a prime real estate market, too. The smart city has some of the best master plans for infrastructure in the country and this is why investing in Pune’s real estate is said to pay off handsomely. Having said that, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) property tax payments come into the picture if you own property in Pune. 

Let us explore and understand the PMC property tax payment procedure in detail.

PMC Property Tax: Overview

Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) was formed in 1950. Serving for over seven decades, PMC covers approximately 331.26 square kilometres and provides competent leadership for the city. The authority manages infrastructure, power, and water supply in the Pune city. 

It collects property tax payments from more than 6 lakh businesses and homeowners in the city. One must pay Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax if you own a store, warehouse, office, factory, or residence. This money is utilised in the city's development.

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Checking Your PMC Property Tax Bill

Here is a step-by-guide on how to check your PMC property tax bill. 

  • You should begin by going to the PMC property tax website. All choices pertaining to real estate and taxes can be found on this single page.

  • Choose the tab labelled "Tax Bill" at the very top of the page. The page detailing your bill will load.

  • Complete the fields on the billing information page and hit the submit button. The total PMC tax amount due will be displayed on the screen. 

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PMC Property Tax Calculator

Many people would rather pay their taxes all at once or in instalments over a longer period of time. If this is the case, you can get a rough estimate of your upcoming PMC property tax bill by using an online calculator. The amount of PMC property tax owed is determined by multiplying the tax rate by the property's assessed value. The property's market value is affected by the following:

  • Classification of Structures

  • Implicit factor: Age

  • The Floor Factor

  • Usage

  • Essential worth

  • Developed land

You can quickly determine your PMC property tax with an online calculator available on the PMC website.

  • To calculate your PMC property tax online, go to the official website, scroll down to find a number of buttons under the Heading “Your Time is Precious, Digital is Delicious”

  • Find the tax calculator button and clicking this button you will be redirected to access the online calculator

  • Complete the form with relevant information like 'peth' name, carpet area, building type, year built, etc. Choose the "Submit" option.

Pay Pune Property Tax Online

pmc property tax

The PMC property tax bill and payment processes are streamlined for the convenience of residents. If you pay your PMC property tax online, you can save two percent. There are two paths you can take to get to the property tax information page.

To Pay your property taxes online, start by visiting https://propertytax.punecorporation.org. 

There are two ways to go about this:

1. If you go with the NEFT/RTGS method, you'll be taken to a page with information about your PMC property tax bill. 

pune municipal corporation property tax

  • Fill in your due tax details and hence you need to fill Property Type, Section ID, Peth ID, Account No 

  • Next section is about the Property Owner Details which you are required to verify 

  • Finally the last section is Property Dues where you need to fill in the required tax amount, Applicant Details (Phone number and email Id) and click on the “NEFT/RTGS Details” button to pay the PMC tax bill.

2. Another way is to opt for the tab “Pay Online”

pune property tax online

  • Please enter the property's type, peth, section, and account number.

  • Verify the listed property owner information.

  • Then enter the desired payment amount, confirm the email address and phone number, and choose the PMC property tax payment gateway. Finally click on “Pay Online” button

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Pay PMC Property Tax Offline

You must physically visit a tax payment centre in order to pay PMC property tax offline. 

PMC tax offline payment options include cash, demand draughts, and checks. The following are examples of possible locations to check out:

  • Pune Municipal Corporation has ward offices.

  • The PMC property tax payment kiosks have been installed.

  • Some Bank of Maharashtra, Cosmos Bank, HDFC, and ICICI branches have been granted authorization from PMC.

  • PMC has also erected facilitation centres for the general public.

Discounts on PMC Taxes on Real Estate

  • If you pay your PMC property tax online, you'll get a discount of 2%.

  • There are discounts available if you pay your annual PMC property tax bill in full by May 31. If the rateable value is less than INR 25,000 you are eligible for a discount of 10%. Plus, save an additional 5 percent if the total is over INR 25000.

  • There is an additional 5 lakh of accidental insurance coverage for people who have no outstanding debts.

  • A 5% rebate will be applied to PMC property tax if solar panels, vermiculture, or rainwater harvesting have been added to your home. A 10% reduction in municipal taxes applies if the community has two of these developments.

  • Taxes do not need to be paid on properties that serve a public, religious, or worship function. Also, charitable trusts are not required to pay PMC property taxes.

  • Tax breaks of up to 40% are available to homeowners who own a primary residence with a 40% disability.

  • Also, women, ex-servicemen, freedom fighters and their families can receive a 50% rebate on their PMC tax.

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Pune Municipal Corporation Property Tax Office Contact Information

The PMC Property Tax department's helpful customer service staff can be reached via a number of different channels:

  • You can reach out to the Pune Property Tax department by dialling 1800 1030 222, which is a toll-free number.

  • The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) can be reached via email at info@punecorporation.org.

  • You can fax the group at 020 25501104 if you need to send them something urgent.

  • Alternatively, you can stop by the PMC tax office in Shivajinagar, Pune, to get in touch with them:

PMC Building, Near Mangla Theatre, Shivajinagar, Pune - 411 005, Maharashtra, India is where you can find the PMC headquarters.

PMC Property Tax: Key Information To Remember

  • There is no surcharge for using an online banking service to make PMC property tax payment. However, fees are added to the total due when paying with a cash card, debit card, or credit card. 

  • PMC assesses a monthly late fee of 2%.

  • After the PMC property tax has been paid, the system is updated to reflect the payment.

  • PMC has begun using Geographic Information System technology to geotag properties.

  • Pune Mahanagar Palika is another name for the Pune Municipal Corporation.

  • In addition to accepting PMC tax online payments, the website also provides services like obtaining a NOC, transferring titles, and submitting applications.

  • Several convenient online methods exist for making PMC property tax bill payments . You can pay via mobile payment, mWallet, NEFT/RTGS, or any other cashless payment method of your choice.

  • PMC property taxes are paid twice yearly, in the spring and fall. First half payments are due by May 31, with second half payments due by December 31. 

  • When PMC property tax online payments are made late, PMC frequently announces amnesty programmes to help residents catch up.

  • There are also special incentives to motivate taxpayers who make timely payments.


PMC property tax payment has been simplified by providing both online and offline options. PMC has established a network of payment centres and locations for those who prefer to pay offline as well. To further incentivize tax payment, PMC provides a variety of rebates. Getting a discount of 2% for paying before the due date is a pretty nice perk offered by the Pune Municipal Corporation.


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