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alisha | 02 Feb 2019

Online Home Booking is Trending in Indian Realty Market

Online Home Booking is Trending in Indian Realty Market

The age of digitization has made everything come within reach of an individual, and the real estate Industry is no different to it. The struggle was overloading when homebuyers had to run from one property to another, find the difference, evaluate the benefits, make a choice, and finalize one property amongst many in the market. 

With the onset of the internet and its extensive online services, you can know everything while sitting at the convenience of your home. Hence, the trend of online home booking process seems to be only growing day by day. Real estate firms have realized the tedious process of manual searching for homes by the customers and value their time. To know the top reasons behind this online growth, we have briefed the points below for you

1. Availability Throughout

One unmatchable benefit that online home booking has brought for the customers is its nature of 24×7 and 365 days availability. Once a property gets listed on any property website, multiple interested users can see it whenever they wish to. For instance, a person sitting in Delhi can easily inspect a property established in Mumbai. The user can go through and select multiple residential units. Once the decision is taken, he/she can make a final payment for only one property. This entire procedure lessens the burden.

2. Tech-savvy 

The credit inevitably goes to the smartphones for making a large population used to the concept of the Internet. Every home buyers has today become more tech-savvy, and realtors have fully acknowledged the potential of the technology. Information of the preferred property, as well as a 360-degree virtual view and tour of the residential property, have made the business transactions transparent between the realtors and their customers.

3. The Role of RERA

Earlier, a homebuyer faced difficulty to get detailed information about the project and developer. As a result, he/she felt dissatisfied and failed to invest in the right project. However, the act of RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) in 2016 made it mandate for developers to register themselves and their project related information on the authority website in detail. A home buyers can now easily check the background of the realtor and make right investments.

4. Online booking comes with special offers

To increase sales, developers are now coming up with attractive offers such as early bird offers, discounts, etc. Make the most of your online booking experience.

5. Documentation made easy

The banks have side by side made revisions on their working culture. The strenuous process of visiting the bank now and then to submit the documents have been cut short. You can now submit your documents online and can apply for a home loan. The payment of monthly EMIs, availability of documents like sale agreements, registration papers are now present online. 


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