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01 Feb 2019

Radhika Apte's Light-Filled Home Is a Perfect Blend of Plants and Vintage Furniture

Radhika Apte's Light-Filled Home Is a Perfect Blend of Plants and Vintage Furniture

Bollywood actor Radhika Apte is known for her unique active skills in a diverse range of films whether it’s an independent film or a commercial film. Hailing from Pune in Maharashtra, Radhika Apte's home is an extension of her personality, and features her different sense of style via the decor. Her home is the kind of home-stay we would want to stay forever.

Her Home: Share of Joys

She shares the 2BHK apartment in Versova near Andheri West with her husband, Benedict Taylor, a British avant-garde composer, and violist. Her home is the result of his imagination and her implementations. Just like she chooses unique roles, her walls are adorned with beautiful paintings handpicked by her. Image Source - architecturaldigest.in

Living Room: Close to Nature

Apte’s house is all about space and nature and there are a lot of plant pots around the house. In her living room, bookshelves and furniture have been placed in and around with green plants placed in beautiful pots. It has been designed by reconstructing the verandah, where sunlight fills the entire space. Image Source - zricks.com

A Fan of Vintage Furniture

She is a lover of all things vintage, her home features certain chairs and tables that belonged to her parents and grandmother so that she can cherish old memories. However, there is one 'special chair' - the first thing she purchased with her money. Image Source - architecturaldigest.in

Radhika's Favourite Spot

Radhika’s favorite spot in her home is her balcony. She has transformed her balcony into her own personal nook, where she can sit with a cup of tea and relax. Image Source - zricks.com

Kitchen: An Important Space

Fitted with all the important things, the kitchen space one of the important spaces for her. It is where she heads to prepare her nutritious morning meal. The kitchen has a simple theme, which blends well with the other rooms. Image Source - indiatimes.com



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