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Alisha | 20 Feb 2023

Importance Of Child-Friendly Amenities In A Housing Project

Importance Of Child-Friendly Amenities In A Housing Project

The environment where children live and grow should be secure, safe, and sound. Parents try their best to give the best of love and care to their kids, and the kind of environment they provide for them plays a crucial part in their upbringing. Hence, when buying a home, it is essential to keep in view the healthy growth of the little ones.​

Since the home that you wish to buy, the neighbourhood that you wish to live in, and other environmental factors are within your control, make an ideal choice from the housing options and gift your kids an ideal environment to live and grow. Consider the following amenities and facilities while going through child-friendly residential projects.

1. Home interiors

What parents should check in the first place is the home interiors. The little ones are usually restless and hyperactive. The kitchen, bathroom, and balcony are some of the accident-prone areas in a home. Hence, parents should examine that these spaces are designed with the safety concerns of the kids. Sharp edges and electrical points should not be built within the reach of the kids.

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2. Safety & security as the primary aspects

What arrangements are available for the safety and security of the kids? When developers take the initiative of presenting this point on safety features even before the parents ask for them, they have halfway cracked the deal. There are usually so many kinds of people moving in and out of a housing society. Hence, how well is the management equipped in terms of security personnel and technology should be properly known to the parents.

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3. A plethora of amenities

Sports & recreational facilities are used by the children more often than the adults. Developers understand the active lifestyle of urban India and the parents' expectations. Hence, the housing projects delivered by them are likely to have sports facilities such as badminton, basketball, tennis, swimming, jogging/running track, skating rink, etc. Additionally, parents will also find indoor games, kids-centric parks, dance studio, rock climbing wall, crèche facility, and more in many contemporary projects. All these amenities ensure the overall development and comfort of children.

The presence of child-centric amenities within the premises of a housing complex ensures parents the safety of their children. Such facilities also add value to the overall project. A healthy social surrounding is built where kids can interact with each other and become friends. For instance, with the presence of a clubhouse and community hall, families can celebrate their kids' birthday in a grand style by inviting residents living in the same complex as well as celebrate other functions and festivals.

Another significant aspect of parenthood that parents cannot neglect is the medical attention their kids frequently need. Therefore, the location of the project equally matters. The child healthcare centres and hospitals should be closely located. The proximity of other child-friendly social infrastructure where families can go together and enjoy includes shopping malls, zoos, museums, libraries, amusement parks, etc.


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