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01 May 2021

Break Up Your Space With A Stylish Room Divider

Break Up Your Space With A Stylish Room Divider

A room divider creates the feeling of having your private space within a space. Hence, it is amazing to have at least one room divider at your home. Take a look at our list. They will not just help divide a space into two but will enhance the overall decor. Image Source - i.pinimg.com​

Partition with wooden boards

A pile of wooden boards slatted with few inch gaps is a creative way of dividing the room into two. Image Source - www.thisoldhouse.com

A wall-like block

If building a permanent wall feels too much of a blockage, a wall-like block will accurately serve the need of a room divider. The dining space and living room on the image have their well-defined privacy while the divider also has a storage facility. Image Source - i.pinimg.com​​

A three-panel screen

Be it hiding your messy kitchen or home office, a three-panel screen will be the perfect fit. Image Source - nymag.com​

The gorgeous glass sliding divider

Glass is an elegant building material. Hence, opting for a glass sliding divider will make a gorgeous architectural piece. Image Source - foter.com​



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