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Marketing Team | 13 Feb 2023

Ideas To Make Your Coffee Table Game An Edgy One

Ideas To Make Your Coffee Table Game An Edgy One

Let a coffee table enjoy the limelight in your living room. As it usually occupies the central spot, why underestimate its design and significance? We have made a collection of the most unique coffee tables that can entirely change the look of a living room. Take ideas from our collection and give your coffee table the attention it deserves. They are functional and look great!

A barrel coffee table - great for storage purpose

A barrel coffee table can never fail to impress your guests. It looks edgy and functional. Keeping a barrel coffee table in the living room will be no less than an antique piece. You can make it storage for wine and other drinks. Either, have a cut at the side for opening purpose or have an opening on the top.

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A coffee table design inspired by games

One looks like a surfboard while the other is foosball. Such game-inspired designs are a hit among sports freaks. Beside these, if you are an ardent follower of any specific sport, then you know what to look for. The foosball coffee table is not just a showpiece. If you are bored, play the game with your friends while sipping coffee in between.

A coffee table on wheels

A simple yet interestingly designed coffee table on wheels. The main utility of this wheeled coffee table is whenever you feel like having a lazy coffee moment while sitting at the balcony, you can accordingly shift the coffee table from the living room to the balcony or wherever you wish to.

A fish tank coffee table - Two in one purpose

Isn't it a fascinating idea to have an aquarium right under the coffee table? Humans have always been curious to know as many things about the world that exist below water. Surprise your guests with this aquatic experience as they make themselves comfortable in your living room. This aquarium cum coffee table is an ideal pick for those people who are ready to go EXTRA in their home decor.

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A coffee table with hundreds of bottle caps

Probably the easiest DIY Coffee Table Idea one can try at home. If you wish to try a DIY project, try with this fun and fancy one. The only actual effort you have to do is collect as many bottle caps that can fill the entire surface of the coffee table.


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