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Marketing Team | 10 Feb 2023

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home in Low Budget

How to Create a Pet-Friendly Home in Low Budget

If you’re reading this article, you’re one of those who just can’t imagine living without a dog or cat. But you also don’t want to compromise with your personal style in order to have room for your four-legged pet. Thankfully, you don’t need to. Just consider what your home style is, then accordingly furnish your home in pet-friendly ways. Keep reading article to find out how

Choose Durable Floors

Pet-Friendly Home

Pets, paw prints, and piddle: You need hard-surface flooring like laminate flooring or painted concrete and stone or ceramic tiles because it will be quite easier to keep clean and stain-free than any carpet.

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Choose Slip-Proof Area Rugs

Pet-Friendly Home style

Area rugs not only enhance a room but also protect floors from pet’s claws and stains. You can choose wool which can protect your pet against slipping on polished floors.

Install Pet-Friendly Carpet

Pet-Friendly Home Decor

Let’s be honest; pets spend a lot of time lying on the carpet and doing nothing.  Carpets are safer for your dog or cat as it offers a non-slip surface for moving around and it absorbs sound and reduces the clicking of claws on a tough surface. You can look for darker tones or multicolor patterns carpet. 

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Get Some Furniture for Your Pet

Pet-Friendly Homes

If you want to avoid scratches on your sofa or you want to avoid your fragile collectibles to be safe, then its time to buy some furniture for them. Look for a cute little bed for your dog so that he/she doesn’t feel to sleep on your bed.

Make an Entryway Door

Pet-Friendly Home styles

You can install an entryway door so that you can have an entrance space in which you can dry off and wash down your pets before they can enter the house.

Dark Colour Fabric Couch

Pet-Friendly Home Decors

Choose dark color couch for your furry friend so that you can mask your furry friend’s hair.  Every time your pet hops up on his favorite couch you don’t go running to get lint roller for best results. 

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Light Curtains to Enjoy the View

Pet-Friendly Home

Every pet loves to stare the window to watch for their owners coming home and to laze around in the sunshine during sunny days. Opt for lightweight, sheer fabric curtains that will be helpful for them to enjoy their view.


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