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Marketing Team | 09 Feb 2023

How To Add A Retro Touch To Any Part Of Your Home

How To Add A Retro Touch To Any Part Of Your Home

Every era has its charm. You may not have lived a bygone era but you can experience it even now by incorporating decor items in your home that remind you of a beautiful past. This is where retro style comes into play. It's time to give your home decor a blast from the past. Image Source - extraspace.com​

Begin the Retro Revamp with Entryway

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The entryway is where your guests put their first foot forward. Hence, impress them at the entrance with a retro essence. Paintings on the wall and a bench with a hint of yesteryear style are some of the best ways to give your guests an instant nostalgic feeling. Image Source - clickamericana.com​

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The Popularity of Black and White Floor Tiles Since the Victorian Era

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Indulge in the retro flavour with black and white floor tiles. Popularly known as Victorian tiles, these classic ones were made in black and white patterns often in a checkerboard design. A lot of variations have come up since then. The black and white floor tiles are best suitable for the kitchen and washroom. Image Source - curatedinterior.com​

How the Entire Home Would Come Alive with a Telephone Ring! Miss those Days?

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The telephone remained a significant communication device in our homes till the late 90s. Then, mobile phones were developed and the telephone lost its glory. Before we could realise, it had already become a thing of the past. Hence, it make to the list of our favourite retro items. Enrich your living room decor with the presence of an antique telephone decor piece. Image Source - pepperfry.com

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Decorate an Entire Room with the Retro Theme

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To those who are antique collectors; how about decorating an entire room with collectibles? They could be your favourite pop star posters, jukebox, chair, table, and a lot more. Channel the retro lover in you and showcase your precious collection that reflects your personality, childhood, or anything you admire. Image Source - extraspace.com 


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