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Marketing Team | 07 Feb 2023

How A Cluttered Home Affects Your Mental Health & What You Can Do About It

How A Cluttered Home Affects Your Mental Health & What You Can Do About It

Cluttering can involve the accumulation of more possessions than can fit into the available space or keeping your space unorganised. It's time to get rid of the clutter in your home as your mood gets affected by clutter in some way while increasing the stress levels. Staying organised is so important to your feeling of happiness. Start streamlining your life today with the following methods:

Pack Your Unnecessary Clothes

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Every few months, you’re more likely to switch out fall and winter for spring and summer or vice versa. As you go through your clothing, pack everything that you feel no longer will be needed for the present or upcoming season. This practice will help you in staying sorted while clearing the space. You can apply the same theory for home decor. Image Source - www.stimovers.com

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Have Limits and Set Goals

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There are surely few toys, clothes or any other accessories in your home that has not been used for months. It's time to discard them. Such things might be causing a distraction, and you have not realised it yet. Throw them if they are too old or good conditioned ones can be gifted to the needy people.  Image Source - www.verywellfamily.com

Make Good Use of Social Media Groups

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If you use social media, join groups immediately. There are groups dedicated to decluttering, minimalist living, and many other similar topics. They can give you insights and motivate you towards a healthy lifestyle. And be ready to come across like-minded individuals in such groups and learn many more benefits from them. Image Source - managementhelp.org

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Get Real and Apply the Four Box Method

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Clutter at times makes you unable to process things visually. It may end up with poor thinking. The four box technique is the most often used to declutter a home. Buy four boxes and categorise them as store, donate, keep, and bin. Observe every single room and place the items as you feel should go to a particular box. Image Source - barktime.files.wordpress.com


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