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Marketing Team | 02 Feb 2023

Home Decor Mistakes You May Have Been Making

Home Decor Mistakes You May Have Been Making

Most of us love expressing our taste in home decor by giving the process of decoration a personal touch. However, be patient as you might end up over-doing. Each home has its uniqueness, but while giving your home a stellar and outstanding look, there is a lot of scope to make mistakes. No matter how big the decor plan is, keep basics in the right place and avoid silly mistakes.

1. Same Fabric Everywhere Is a Big NO-NO

Hey, you don't have to be always in the matching mode in your home decorating style. Fabrics should coordinate, but one has to balance the aesthetics by opting for pillows, curtains and upholstery of other varying materials. Make choices that are assorted and blending rather than sticking to matching decor formulas.

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2. Are You Planning to Push All Your Furniture In Your Living Room Against The Walls?

Many carry an assumption that pushing all furniture in their living room to the extreme ends touching the wall makes space look broader. Well, that's not true. Such practise will turn out to be dead and your living room will no longer seem attractive. Also, imagine guests seated far away and trying to converse with each other. Isn't that weird and uncomfortable arrangement?

3. In Terms of Furniture, Go The Minimal Way!

As we said, bring your furniture such as sofas and chairs closer to make conversation easier among each other, but at the same time keep the number of furniture minimal. Depending on your budget and space, you can add as many pieces of furniture and accessories as you wish but it would create clutter and may even make it difficult for you to move with ease.

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4. Do Not Block Natural Light In Your Home

Going with thick drapery is a lot less inviting as it blocks the natural light from passing in the room. Instead, you can hang curtains with neutral-coloured linen as they fulfil the purpose. It is always beneficial to have the natural light in your home for your health as well as to control the electricity bill.

5. Sticking To Only White Walls Can Be Boring And Flat

Seeing white space gives peace, but only when one enters home tired and exhausted. On the other hand, going all white with the walls will eventually give boring vibes to the ambience. Fix this problem by opting for medium-to-neutral shades and give more life to a certain space at your home.

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