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Simar Nagi | 07 Aug 2023

Top 6 Points Why Green Home Will Benefit You Greatly!

Top 6 Points Why Green Home Will Benefit You Greatly!

All-natural products ensure safety from all the harmful chemicals and allow families to have an improved quality of life in terms of mortality, age, diseases and illnesses. But today, the scarcity of natural resources is limited because of this it is important for us to utilise the natural resources in the most efficient manner. Many real estate developers and homebuyers have shifted their focus toward living an eco-friendly life, due to which the demand for green homes has started to rise. Today the preference for having a green building is more than any other type of home as it helps us to a great extent. It's not only the responsibility of the global leaders to work on the global warming crisis, but we as an individual should contribute every bit as we can in order to bring the rising level of pollution down.

A green home helps you in saving energy and emit less carbon so that you will be able to protect the environment. Not only this, but the biggest benefit a homeowner of a green home enjoys is the reduction of operating energy costs from the very first day to the entire life cycle. You can even save about 20-30% of your electricity bill and about 30-60% on your water supply bill if you choose to live in a green building. 

Top 6 Points

Below is a detailed version of why living in a green home would greatly benefit you.

1. Energy Saving 

Living in a green home has plenty of benefits. The best is to reduce operating energy costs from the very first day. Green homes are specifically designed in a manner where solar panels will provide you with a way to meet the electricity demand for lighting. You will be able to enjoy natural lighting and air without even using electricity. Thus, you end up saving a lot of money from electricity bills and water supply bills, especially during summers as the consumption is high during that period. 

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2. Water-Saving 

There's no doubt that the increased pollution in India has put a lot of pressure on water resources. Many Tier-II and III cities are experiencing a scarcity of water and water harvesting will help you save around 30-60% of water supply costs. The trick is to manage the use of water wisely. The logic for sustainable water supply in any city should be a combination of conventional rivers and water stored from rainwater harvesting or groundwater. 

3. Better air quality 

Uninterrupted air circulation is a must, and so is having a natural air filtration like a plant. So you have to design your green home in such a way that you receive good air quality. If you wish to save yourself from heat waves, you can organise shades that will shield you. You can install exhaust fans and solar chimneys inside your green home to upgrade the air quality. You have to work with nature and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Avoid overusing so that scarcity does not create an issue for others. 

4. Natural brilliant lightning 

If you wish to enjoy natural lighting in a home, all you need is a window. There's no point in blocking the windows; instead, open them so that natural sunlight can come to your home. Especially in your living room and bedroom, maximise the use of natural lighting; also use natural paints in order to maximise natural lighting. If at any moment you feel stuck then get the help of an interior designer as they are specialised in this field and will design your new home or modify the existing home in such a manner that it receives more sunlight. Once you start to enjoy the natural lightning and its perks with it, your dependency on electric appliances will automatically reduce. 

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5. Promotes healthy lifestyle

There is no point in anyone compromising on health. For a better healthy lifestyle for your and your loved ones, your home should have fresh air circulation, shielding against harmful bacteria. If you choose to live in a green building, it will offer you a better lifestyle by keeping all the natural air indoors and filtering it with the help of plants and solar energy. With a touch of eco-friendly furniture and natural paints, you and your loved ones will be able to live a healthy lifestyle. Real estate developers could play their role by increasing focus on sustainable development and looking over incorporating eco-friendly substitutes in the construction work. Even the use of recycled products works five times longer than traditional materials. Affordable material includes bamboo, wood, recycled metal and natural clay plaster. But just don't lay back for years once your home is ready, as maintenance of the green building is equally important in order to ensure that they are running efficiently and sustainably. 

Provides new turn for resale value

Many new buyers are more into green homes, so not only are they eco friendly but also the fact these homes are now in great demand. Green homes reduce the cost incurred by the occupants. If your green home is well maintained, it will enhance the resale value. So if you are on your way to buying a house, consider having a touch of greenery as it will highly contribute to the future resale value. 

Opting to live in a natural environment is the best investment you can make for a better future. A green building for a home is a lifelong commitment to upholding natural, sustainable and protective living and can be beneficial for future generations. 

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