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Marketing Team | 25 Jan 2023

Glam Up Your Fireplace For The Winter Season

Glam Up Your Fireplace For The Winter Season

With cold weather at its peak, you are bound to sit in front of a fire in the next couple of days while watching a movie or just enjoying a good book. Before you get that fire going, make sure that your home is safe from any problems that might come from your fireplace as well as apply the following ideas of decoration to make your fireplace winter-ready.

Chimney Care

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While cleaning the chimney of your fireplace, inspect the chimney structure and liners for cracks, loose bricks, or missing mortar. A cap in the chimney is good as it keeps rain, birds, squirrels, and debris from entering. You can replace or repair a cap that’s missing or damaged. Small fires generate less smoke. Image Source - willardductcleaning.com

Post-Christmas Theme

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If you have celebrated Christmas, the accessories can make a comeback once more, and you need not spend an extra penny on decorating your fireplace. Start the fun with whatever you have from Christmas and feel the warmth. It's easy to recreate. Image Source - hips.hearstapps.com

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Set-Up A Hanging Chair

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Sitting on a couch next to the fireplace is a regular thing to do. How about setting up a hanging chair this time? With a constant slight swing, while sitting on a hanging chair and indulging in something interesting, your fireplace time will surely be a delightful one. Image Source -i.pinimg.com

Feel Like You Are In The Mountains

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A fireplace decked up with stones and wood can make you feel like you are in the mountains, even if you are not there. Your secret wish to be chilling in the mountains while watching the snow fall outside with a fireplace on the side can just be made real with a decor idea like this one. Image Source -diy.sndimg.com

A TV Over The Fireplace

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You may prefer more to binge on TV rather than reading a book while sitting next to the fireplace. In that case, having a TV over the fireplace is highly recommended. With a TV on, you can spend hours and hours in the fireplace without feeling bored. While setting up a TV, check the temperature of the fireplace thoroughly to avoid the damage of your TV. Image Source - i.pinimg.com

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A Mini Library Over The Fireplace

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This idea purely serves the decor purpose in the form of a mini library. If you already have a good number of books and didn't know how to stack them up neatly, apply this idea immediately. It also gives an artistic and warm feel to the guests visiting your home. Image Source -hips.hearstapps.com


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