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Marketing Team | 25 Jan 2023

Give Your Bedroom The Luxury Of A 5-Star Hotel

Give Your Bedroom The Luxury Of A 5-Star Hotel

A person is bound to experience the best sleep ever in the luxury bed of a 5-star hotel. Whether you have hands-on experience of staying in a 5-star hotel or love going through the pictures of such luxurious hotel bedrooms in magazines, you surely love the idea of having a similar bedroom for yourself. And, we know how to create a similar one. Try them. Image Source - dreamcloudsleep.com 

The All-White Bedding Custom

5-star hotel

The most common colour used in the bedding of 5-star hotels is white. The primary reason says that it's easy to clean by just bleaching. The colour white creates zen energy in the room and instantly transports you to a relaxation mode. Hence, all you need to do to achieve the much-desired hotel bedding is by opting for all-white bedding. Image Source - serenaandlily.com

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A Featherbed

5-star hotel bedrooms

It's not only the appearance of the bed that makes it luxurious but also the kind of mattress pad being used. The feather-filled mattress known as featherbed adds an extra layer of softness and comfort. Now that you have learned the secret that makes the hotel bed super fluffy, it's time to upgrade your bed with a featherbed right away. Image Source - amazon.com

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Lighting Is The Key

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5-star hotels prefer to go extra in terms of lighting. If you wish to replicate their standard way, then think about adding more lights that include a table lamp, beside the bed, overhead lights, chandelier, and more. All of these different sources of light help in various ways. The dim ones help to sleep properly whereas bright lighting is perfect while working. Image Source - ylighting.com 

What Makes You Happy In Your Personal Space?

5-star hotel bedroom

In the process of giving your bedroom the luxury of a 5-star hotel bedroom, do not overlook the personal touches. It is your personal space, so it should have your essence. Be it specific furniture, a piece of art, decor items, or anything that brings you joy, keep them as a reflection of your personality. Image Source - abeautifulmess.com

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