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Simar Nagi | 19 May 2023

Duplex House: Meaning, Types, Benefits & Difference From Other Home Designs

Duplex House: Meaning, Types, Benefits & Difference From Other Home Designs

Table of Content:

  1. Duplex House: Meaning
  2. Types of Duplex House
  3. Advantages of Owning a Duplex House
  4. Disadvantages of Owning a Duplex House
  5. Difference Between a Duplex & TownHouse
  6. Difference Between a Two-Storey House & Duplex House
  7. Difference Between a Duplex & Villa

Are you planning on purchasing a duplex house? Well, before jumping right into decision-making, you need to consider what exactly a duplex house means, its pros and cons, and whether it will satisfy your expectations of what a house should look like. 

You must be wondering why we are fixated on learning more about the duplex house concept rather than immediately encouraging you to buy one? This is because many people often get confused and think that a duplex house is nothing but a two-storey apartment. Do you think so too? Well, let the magic of this blog answer you. 

So hop on as we discover the duplex house concept like never before!

Duplex House: Meaning

A duplex house is a type of property consisting of two joint residential units. You can consider a duplex house or a villa for a single family with an open plan and more carpet space. 

The Indian duplex house typically consists of a single dining room, a hall, a kitchen, and two floors. Whereas in western countries, the duplex flat meaning generally consists of having two families, with a separate accommodation for each floor altogether. 

However, the new generation has given its new definitions to the duplex apartment meaning. Yes, nowadays, you will notice individuals investing in a duplex house and renting out parts of it as apartments, which works well for both parties. 

Types of Duplex House

A duplex home design or plan differs from country to country. Nevertheless, they are broadly classified into the below-mentioned types:

  • A conventional duplex home consists of a two storey structure with one unit on the first floor and another on the second floor.

  • A side-by-side duplex home consists of two independent units of homes that are placed adjacent to each other. 

  • A stacked duplex home consists of two independent units, one stacked on the other. 

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Advantages of Owning a Duplex House

1. A Complete Privacy: An Indian duplex house is best for joint families where people wish to stay together without affecting their privacy. 

2. Easily Affordable: A typical 3bhk duplex house is much more affordable than other housing units in India. 

3. Highly Accommodating: The advantage of living in a duplex home is that it has two units inside a single home. So you will never have to worry about accommodation capacity.

4. Additional Source of Income: A duplex house can easily be rented out to another family in order to earn an additional income. 

5. Extra Home Office Space: A duplex house is ideal for people running their businesses from home. You can dedicate an entire office on one separate ground floor while living on a second floor. 

Disadvantages of Owning a Duplex House

1. Since a duplex house has a common wall, one might get easily irritated by noise transmitting from the other part of the duplex. 

2. A duplex house with a common internal staircase might raise an issue when you decide to rent a property. 

3. Owning a duplex home entirely for yourself will bring you the burden of maintaining, repairing, and gardening a whole lot of land all by yourself. Especially if you are living in a 3bhk duplex house type large home, it will become a severe issue. 

Difference Between a Duplex & TownHouse

While people often use these names interchangeably, they have some major differences. The concept of the townhouse is to have multiple separate residences with common walls where every apartment will have its own entrance. However, a duplex house is more of a single structure that shelters two distinct living areas, each with its own utilities and outdoor spaces. 

Difference Between a Two-Storey House & Duplex House

A two-storey home shares many exterior similarities with a duplex, though they are different in design and function. A two-storey house can have a larger floor plan and more bedrooms. It can also have separate living, dining, and sleeping areas. 

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Difference Between a Duplex & Villa

A villa is referred to as a large house. It is generally bigger than a duplex home. While the concept of a villa in India has been around for a long time, the duplex house is still a new concept that is unclear to the general public. Villas have amenities such as a gym, a community center, security, and other services, whereas duplexes do not. 

The flexibility of living in a duplex house cannot be experienced in any other kind of home. It holds the potential for multigenerational living, especially in a country like India where people live in joint families, making a duplex house as the most ideal home for living together. It allows for fostering healthy and better relationships within families in India.


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