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Shuchi Singh | 02 Apr 2019

Clicbrics Launches 360˚ Virtual Tour Of A Property For The Convenience Of Buyers

Clicbrics Launches 360˚ Virtual Tour Of A Property For The Convenience Of Buyers

Clicbrics offering virtual house tours to improve customer service. This new technology will give buyers to view the properties without having to leave the comfort of their home. With the virtual site tool, buyers can be able to make an informed decision on buying a property

The objective behind launching this tool is to save money, time and a lot of hassle. By reducing the time spent on visiting the desired properties, now with the help of virtual house tours, home buyers can plan viewings for those properties only in which they are most interested.

With the help of the 360˚ Virtual Tour, of the properties can be easily discovered online and offer required information for home buyers about the property, including location and other information. Overseas buyers may no longer be interested in those properties that they have merely seen in photos or by reading descriptions as it can be a ‘cut and paste job’. Also, it is time-consuming journeys to visit properties.

With the help of Virtual Tours, they are now able to visit the actual property, without leaving their home. One of the most important qualities of a 360˚Virtual Tour of a property is that one not only able to see the interiors of a home but the real view from the windows, balcony, garden, and many more. With virtual property tours, the company offers its customers a better view of the property so that they can make a strong decision.

According to Ashutosh Dhiman, Chief Technology Officer, Clicbrics.com, “We have done a survey on our potential buyers and we have found that 75% of the interviewed home buyers preferred the medium of 360˚ Virtual Tour over descriptions and photographs of the property and these virtual tours influenced their decision of buying property.”

With this tool, the company believes the buyers can go at their own pace. They can spend as much as a time they want to examine the video, they can ‘walk’ through the respective property as many times as they like. And they can look at each nook of the apartment to make an informed decision

The main advantage of using this virtual tool is simple and easy to use. One just needs to simply place and click his mouse and turn 360° to get the complete view of the property. Thus, with this tool, buyers can ‘stand’ in balcony remotely and from there they can turn through the full view. It will clear the doubts of buyers. For instance, when they sit in the living room, they have an idea of what view will they get from the living room window?

Launching a Virtual Tour option for the company’s client is to give accurate information. Usually, the property descriptions are pieces of information and buyers have to put them all together so that they can get a full picture of the property. But with the help of this tool, they can understand and check the layout of the property.


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