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Anoushka Chopra | 27 Dec 2022

8 Best Cities In India For Real Estate Investment In 2022

8 Best Cities In India For Real Estate Investment In 2022

Investing in real estate has been considered of extreme importance for decades now. While it has its risks, it has a lot of advantages too. Indeed, people often decide to believe in the benefits over the risks of failing. However, what is important is to be fully aware of the process and the pros and cons that come with it. 

The year 2022 is predicted to be the year where the real estate industry undergoes significant changes in terms of people entering the market and investing for the greater good. For those of you who are planning to invest in real estate for the very first time, you should know 2022 has quite a few interesting prospects waiting for you! With a push from the Government and efforts from the people working in the real estate sector, 2022 is full of good news when it comes to investing and reaping the benefits. 

Even if you are aware of the whole investing process, it is completely normal for you to get confused about which city you should be putting your money in. Whether you are a first-time investor in real estate or even if you have done it quite a few times now, deciding the city that is worth it is always the hardest decision to take. Don’t panic if you have difficulties figuring it out, you are not alone in this! 

No matter how much research you do, you need to give ample time when it comes to researching the top cities that are worth investing in. To make it easier for you, we have devoted this whole write-up to discussing top cities that you can invest in, in 2022. These cities have been carefully chosen by keeping in mind certain criteria according to buyer preferences and choices. 

Before listing cities, we want you to know the top parameters that we have kept in mind before finalizing this list. 

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Fundamental Parameters used for Selecting Cities 

  • Opportunities for employment

  • Infrastructure and Development 

  • Transportation and connectivity 

  • Healthcare and education facilities 

  • Safety and security 

  • Environmental sustainability 

  • Sound governance 

  • Socio-political stability 

We know what you thinking - are these factors sufficient to decide the cities that are worth investing in? No, they are not. However, they are the most important and a top priority when it comes to buyers today making their final choice. 

To ensure accuracy and help you make the most suitable investment, we have gone one step ahead and done a little more digging! The cities that are listed below do not only take into account the parameters mentioned above, but they also discuss the upcoming infrastructure projects in the city and the conditions of the government. We understand that this is not a decision that is taken lightly, and so we want to make sure we have done all the research that we can for you.

Best Cities for Real Estate Investment in 2022


Why Ahmedabad?

Ahmedabad is predicted to go through an overall annual growth of about 2-4% in real estate. After the acceptance of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in a variety of housing and apartment complexes. Around 47% of quality and luxury housing is being constructed in Ahmedabad East. The Ahmedabad Smart City Project is currently ongoing and the city is believed to be considered amongst the top 20 smart cities all across India. 

Top Facilities 

  • Healthcare: Apollo, Sterling, Shalby Hospital Care Institute of Medical Sciences

  • Education: St Xaviers College, Indian Institute of Management, BJ College

  • Employment: Many MNCs and IT companies have recently established a base in Ahmedabad. Top companies like Tata Motors, Suzuki, and Honda have set up their franchisee in the city.

State Policies 

For the good of the economically weaker sections, the Affordable Rental Housing Complex scheme has been recently launched. To introduce a wide range of affordable and residential housing options, the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority has announced to develop at least 6800 hectares of land in the city. 

Navi Mumbai 

Why Navi Mumbai? 

The main reason for Navi Mumbai becoming the new hub for investment in real estate is the construction of the Navi Mumbai Airport which is predicted to be completed by 2024. This will not only generate direct and indirect employment opportunities but will also be close to a lot of nearby localities. These include Ulve, Seawood's, Sanpada, and Panvel.

Top Facilities 

  • Hospitals: Apollo, Reliance, MGM, Terna Hospital

  • Education: Pillai’s College of Engineering, MGM College, Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology 

  • Employment Hubs: MNCs, Banking, IT, Manufacturing

State Policies

The state is working towards empowering the economically weaker sections and the middle-income group. They plan to do this by providing a housing scheme of a minimum of 90,000 flats in the city. 

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Why Kolkata?

Experts advise that the North and the South parts of Kolkata are the hubs for real estate investment. For decades now, this city has been considered to have the most affordable segment of housing in all of India. Since the infrastructural facilities are constantly experiencing growth here, the construction of the housing segment is always in sync with consumer preferences and trends.

Top Facilities

  • Hospitals: Rabindranath Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Science, Apollo, Medical Super-speciality Hospital

  • Education: the University of Calcutta, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Indian Institute of Management 

  • Employment  Hubs: Agro industries, steel and mining, food processing, IT (information technology) 

State Policies 

A 60% waiver has been imposed on the interest that is obtained from the property tax dues. Goes without saying, this has led to an increase in the interest of people who want to invest in Kolkata. Since real estate has caught a lot of attention in all of West Bengal, it includes Kolkata too. 


Why Hyderabad? 

The perfect but rare combination of low housing cost and high-quality infrastructure is found in Hyderabad. Another reason for Hyderabad being the best city to invest in real estate is its convenient and affordable transportation facilities. It has a wide network of connections to the main highways like NH65, NH44, NH765, and NH163.

Top Facilities 

  • Healthcare: Apollo, Aware Global Hospitals, Asian Institute of Nephrology, Continental Hospital

  • Education: Hyderabad University, IIT Hyderabad, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

  • Employment Hubs: Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Life Sciences, and Textile industries are known for job creation in the city. Google, Facebook, IKEA, Apple, Amazon are up and coming as the largest contributors. 

State Policies

When it comes to real estate, the state policies practiced in Hyderabad are the most preferred. Recently, its friendly policies and schemes have been digitized through the help of the latest and modern technology. Since the government has built an enabling ecosystem for existing and upcoming entrepreneurs, there are more and more individuals shifting to the city every day and getting used to its modern infrastructure in terms of housing.  


Why Thane? 

Thane is one of those cities that has great connectivity to Mumbai, commonly known as the city of dreams. Proximity to Mumbai and affordable housing makes the city an option for a sound investment. With a significant increase in housing in the year 2021, Thane has also undergone massive commercial and social infrastructure development recently. 

Top Facilities 

  • Healthcare: Fortis, Horizon, Bhakti Vedanta Hospital

  • Education: Asmita College of Architecture, Dr. VN Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies, KC College of Engineering 

  • Employment Hub: MNCs, IT Companies, and Manufacturing industry. Its proximity to Navi Mumbai and Mumbai opens the residents to a lot of employment options. 

State Policies

Thane has always welcomed all sections of society when it comes to the real estate sector. The state launches various schemes each year for the benefit of the economically weaker sections too. The year 2022 is no different. 


Why Noida?

Noida is predicted to give out a better rate of interest on all kinds of properties in 2022. The city has been the most preferred in terms of real estate investment for years now, primarily due to its developed and planned infrastructure. The Jewar airport has proved to be a major asset for Noida since its proximity to all preferred hubs and the increased employment opportunities have helped improve the standard of living.  

Top Facilities

  • Healthcare: Felix, Kailash/Noida Hospital, Noida Surbhi Hospital

  • Education: Noida International University, Birla Institute of Management Technology, Institute of Management Studies

  • Employment Hubs: MNCs like Genpact, HCL Infotech, and IBM. More than 5000 industrial companies have been established for the sole purpose of providing work. 

State Policies

The Delhi Development Authority launched a housing scheme to build about 1300 flats in 2021 and plans to increase this number in 2022. The Delhi NCR Government has also significantly reduced stamp duty charges. 

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Why Pune?

Technology, industries, and massive connectivity are what Pune is most known for. Did you know Pune is the only city that is responsible for driving 13% of the entire state's GDP? In 2021, there was a total of 75% increase in real estate sales, and is expected to exponentially rise in 2022. Moreover, it also has satisfactory rental incomes and returns on investment rates.

Top Facilities

  • Healthcare: Aditya Birla, Sahyadri Clinic, KEM Hospital, Jehangir Hospital

  • Education: Symbiosis Institute of Medical and Communication, Fergusson College, Savitribai Phule University 

  • Employment Hubs: Industries like Finance, IT, Manufacturing, and Fintech 

State Policies

The PMAY (Pimpri Chinchwad Town Development Authority) is a scheme that launches and builds affordable and reasonable housing each year. In the last year, the beneficiary has built 4884 new flats. 


Why Mumbai? 

Mumbai indeed is one of the most expensive cities when it comes to real estate investment. However, some locations are affordable and are preferred in today's times. Some of these include Malad West, Mulund, Thane, Kandivali, and Goregaon. These localities not only have sound connectivity to the main city but also offer a variety of luxury homes at affordable rates.

Top Facilities

  • Healthcare: Seven Hills, Kurla Kohinoor Hospital, Nanavati Hospital, Parel Global Hospital

  • Education: St. Xaviers, KJ Somaiya College of Arts, IIT Bombay, Mumbai University 

  • Employment Hubs: Textile, electronics, petrochemicals, entertainment, IT, and manufacturing. 

State Policies

The Jal Jeevan Mission Scheme had announced to work towards improving water and electricity supply in the year 2021. While they succeeded in doing this for about 4400 urban local bodies, they plan to break this record in 2022. Another reason that has led to an increase in property investments in Mumbai is that the Maharashtra Government has reduced construction premiums to half of what they were a year ago. 

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The good news is that this is one of those rare years where it is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers. Is it not a delight to know the year 2022 is not just profitable for buyers but also offers tax relaxation to all developers? 

We feel that every buyer has their own choices and preferences. For that matter, when you go through the cities listed above, you will realize that we have mentioned the 10 best cities that have a variety of trends and can be chosen according to what suits your needs the best. 

This decision cannot be taken in a rush. The year has just begun and you have ample time to consider your options. Now that you know which city offers what, your next step should be to reflect and get your priorities straight. Make a list of the cities that offer what you require, and then decide where you would like to invest.

Real estate is not a gamble. It requires decisions that can be taken with a clear mind and not impulsively. Help your fellow buyers and sellers by sharing your decision-making tactics and tricks! When it comes to investment in this sector, why not help each other and reap benefits together!


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