Anoushka Chopra | 31 Jan 2022

How Can You Buy an Affordable Home in Mumbai?

How Can You Buy an Affordable Home in Mumbai?

What is it that comes to your mind when you hear about buying your own house in Mumbai? The city of dreams? One that never sleeps? Is it a town full of aspiration? Or the one where anything is possible, except for finding an affordable home? Well, while all the thoughts you associate with Mumbai City would be more or less true, the last one is completely misunderstood! Let us clarify this for you right in the beginning - buying your own spacious and luxurious home in Mumbai is indeed a complete possibility!

Recent trends have brought into light the fact that most of the revenue that will be generated in the real estate market in the next 12 to 18 months will majorly be from the affordable housing segment. What seems to be the center of attraction for buyers today are the small configurations of a cozy home in a decent locality. It is true that when people step out to buy an affordable home for themselves, the metro city is more than often not taken into account. Mumbai is not even a part of the list when it comes to affordable housing. 

This is exactly the kind of mindset we want to change through this blog. We want to inform our home buyers of several factors you can keep in mind and take into consideration when you step out to hunt for your dream home. 

Before you go ahead and implement these factors in your house buying process, we want to clarify that the term “affordable” may have different implications for different readers. After research and keeping in mind our target audience, our definition of affordable homes are ones that fall below a total purchase price of Rs.50 Lakhs.

Look in the Right Localities

This is one thing that matters the most. While housing in most localities in Mumbai is on the expensive side, some localities offer reasonable housing too. You need to do some research on your side and make a list of localities that fall under your budget. To make this task easier, we have compiled a list of neighborhoods that are not only affordable but also have good connectivity to transportation and the main city. Rs. 2000/5000 square feet is the pricing of most of these areas. 

  • Neral

  • Umroli 

  • Virar East and West

  • Ambernath West 

  • Naigaon East

  • Nalasopara East and West 

  • Dombivli East 

Familiarise Yourself with Property Ranges 

If you are not aware of the various price-ranging categories of affordable housing properties, then you probably are not yet ready to dive into the process of house hunting. The ranges of the property vary from city to city and given below are 3 property ranges you should be considering and keeping at the top of your list. 

  • Rs15 lakh to Rs25 lakh

  • Rs25 lakh to Rs35 lakh

  • Rs35 lakh to Rs50+ lakh

Once you have finalized your budget, the next step is to decide what property range works best in your favor. 

Builder Reputation Matters

Naturally, you would assume that since you are looking at affordable housing, your chances of finding a builder who is reputed and renowned are slim to none. However, this is not the case anymore. After a push from the Central Government to start paying more attention to affordable housing, builders are now offering their services to buyers who are interested in this segment. You might come across big builders like Tata or The Lodha Group who might be offering the kind of home that you have in mind. 

Make a Checklist 

Once you go out and start looking for houses, you would want to make sure there is no amenity that you are missing out on. To avoid this, make a checklist of all your requirements beforehand. Be sure of which utility is a must for you and which ones you will be okay with missing out on. 

Moreover, when you find a house that checks all the points on your list, you need to make sure that all the information is correct and original. When it comes to looking at all paperwork and legal documents, the price of the home does not matter. All homebuyers need to verify and make sure that there is complete transparency. 


Even though there is not much scope for negotiation in Mumbai housing, there is still scope for succeeding. Start with hiring a highly qualified broker and an expert in the real estate industry. Once the broker knows your budget and needs, he/she will make sure to find the best deals for you. Another tip is to make a conscious effort in developing a relationship with the seller. If you seem more interested and keen to buy the property, the seller might give you more preference and offer you some discounts or a better deal than the first one. 

Does it not feel amazing to know that you can now start looking at affordable housing in Mumbai and have an actual chance at finding the right house for yourself? All you have to do is take these factors seriously and put them to good use when you begin with your process as a home buyer.

On the contrary, if you are even slightly interested in glancing through some of the most expensive neighborhoods of Mumbai, you can get all the information you need from our blog on 5 top expensive localities in Mumbai.

Goes without saying, it is no surprise that Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities in all of India when it comes to the real estate sector. 

However, we assure you that there is still hope for you to find the house that fits your budget and provides you with all the amenities that you have always wished for!