30 Dec 2021

Top 5 Trending and Expensive Localities in Mumbai

Top 5 Trending and Expensive Localities in Mumbai

For decades now, Mumbai has been known for maintaining a perfect balance between both luxuries as well as affordable and practical housing.  The city of dreams, Bollywoodland, the city that never sleeps, and maximum city are some names that all of us like to associate with Mumbai City. Thankfully, Mumbai is blessed with the kind of housing that not just meets everyone's expectations, but also the kind that anyone's money can buy. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to taking any housing decisions. Just buying your own house is a dream come true for many people in itself! In the end, it all comes down to assessing factors like community, pricing, infrastructure, and the comfort level in and around the area we want to reside in.

As most pockets are now soaring and prices are naturally getting higher over the past few years, people are seeking increased information and updates about residential areas that are not just posh, but also upcoming. Even though each locality in Mumbai has its uniqueness and distinct characteristics, some of the most expensive localities in Mumbai are now up for grabs. These are the most sought after and are today being given more attention than ever. One main reason for this is that most Bollywood celebrities and business tycoons are residing in these neighborhoods.

To top it all off, Mukesh Ambani, the world India's richest man himself, has on certain occasions proudly mentioned his property in Mumbai - The “Antialias”.  Would it not be an absolute delight to have a property in Mumbai, one that you can proudly call your own home? 

If you have ever dreamt of buying and building your very own house in Mumbai, now is your chance to make a list of all these localities that are trending at the moment, and have been the talk of the town for quite a few months now! 

1. Tardeo

Primarily, it is The Imperial that makes Tardeo the most expensive neighborhood in the city of Mumbai. The Imperial is a twin-tower skyscraper that also features one of the tallest buildings in all of India. Did you know that Ambani's Residence (India's most expensive private home!) is also situated in Tardeo? The most interesting catch is that this neighborhood has very limited residential home options. However, it is the most preferred in terms of prominent shopping malls, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Finally, this locality is a long stretch from Mumbai's Nana Chowk to the Haji Ali Junction. 

2. Worli 

Omkar, one of the plushest buildings of Mumbai is located in Worli, and is also where Anushka Sharma and Virat Kholi reside! Situated right next to the Rajiv Gandhi Sealink, Worli is well connected to Bandra and other suburbs of Mumbai. Its perfect combination of high-end housing societies along with some of the most upcoming shopping malls, movie theatres, restaurants, and nightclubs is what sets it apart. Worli is also one of the most preferred hangout spots for not just office goers, but also the millennial population! 

3. Cuffe Parade 

Cuffe Parade is located at the Southern end of Mumbai and is home to a number of dignitaries. The locality has quite a number of 5-star hotels in close proximity, including the most famous Taj President Hotel. It is spread over 75,000 square meters of land and is now filled with a variety of both residential and commercial skyscrapers. Maker Towers and Mumbai's World Trade Center are two of the most known landmarks in Mumbai and are situated in Cuffe Parade itself.

4. Bandra

Bandra is primarily known for its plush restaurants, classic bungalows, and modern-style amenities that it offers. Bandra is known to easily spot television actions, and the coffee shops are routinely filled with Bollywood directors and famous celebrities. With the widest variety of entertainment options for its residents, Bandra offers a perfect combination of both old and new housing options. 

5. Juhu

Heard of by everyone, Juhu is by far the most popular locality in terms of Bollywood celebrities buying a house here. Some of these celebrities include Amitabh Bachhan, Sachin Tendulkar, and Akshay Kumar. In fact, Hrithik Roshan has recently bought a penthouse in Juhu! Did you know that he has paid approximately 67.5 crores to purchase his duplex penthouse? One of the most sought-after street food places, Juhu Chowpatty is also located in this neighborhood. It is located on the Western side of Mumbai and is also home to a number of designer boutiques and posh restaurants.

The locality in which you finally decide to settle matters a lot. It is a representation of the kind of community you want to mingle with and the kind of amenities that are at the top of your priority list. While all the localities discussed in this blog are some of the most expensive, they are also the most luxurious. They are guaranteed to give you the real feel of residing in Mumbai! 

Did you know that Mumbai is predicted to lead the residential real estate market in 2022? Its developed infrastructure, ample employment opportunities, a firm public transport system, and low cost of living as compared to other metro cities are what places Mumbai at the top of the real estate funnel. Apart from leading the real estate race, these benefits have also been attracting most people to settle in Mumbai and these plush localities for more than a few decades now. 

Now that you have a list of some of the most trending localities in Mumbai, the decision is yours to make! While every neighborhood in Mumbai city is worth living in, these 6 localities are by far the most preferred, and the most luxurious.