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Shuchi Singh | 13 Feb 2023

Apartment Vs Independent House: Which Is Better To Buy?

Apartment Vs Independent House: Which Is Better To Buy?

Owning a home is one of the most important financial goals – and long-term investments for most of us. The decision of home buying is followed by a number of questions. One such question is whether you should buy an apartment or in an independent house. Well, this depends on individual preferences and budget. An independent house costs more than an apartment. However, keeping the cost factor aside, there are some marked differences between the two.

1. Amenities

While an apartment property always comes with modern-day amenities such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, gymnasium, power back-up, water systems and fire safety mechanism, an independent property need extra effort for setting up these services. Setting up of a small power back-up system like an inverter or a generator set will also include an extra cost.

2. Security 

Security is a prime concern for those living in an independent villa property. Such properties are easy to access for robbers as they are exposed as separate units. On the contrary, apartments have many flats inside located on different floors. Also, the developer provides dedicated security at the gate; the chance of external robbers coming in is less. 

3. Maintenance cost 

Monthly maintenance charges in apartments are usually high as a lot of expenses are involved in electricity, security, water, plumbing, etc. Hence if you are staying in an apartment, you need to pay monthly maintenance charges. On the other hand, there is no fixed monthly maintenance charge in independent houses. Here an owner himself will be responsible for the maintenance of his house and can optimize the maintenance charges as per his wish. But in apartments, you don’t have to worry about finding the workers like electricians or plumbers when something goes wrong as the builder is in charge of all these aspects. 

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4. Mortgage

In case you are planning to take a home loan, it is easier to get approval of home mortgage loan for an apartment and more difficult to get a loan for an independent property. Generally, lending banks often prepare a list of sanctioned projects where a home buyer can easily get his loan approved. On the other hand,  for independent properties, the strict application of the loan system may create difficulties for the borrowers. Banks sanction loans only after rigorous scrutiny of borrowers. 

5. Saleability

 If you decide to sell your property, it would be much easier to sell an apartment than an independent house. Furthermore, those selling an independent house are more prone to cheating and there is the possibility of fake registration papers. When the development authority of the city allots the plot to the real estate company, there are lesser chances of fraud and cheating. 

6. Service Providers 

People living in a residential complex have a wide range of services available at their doorstep such as laundry services, domestic help, etc., to name a few. These services are offered at standard rates whereas in an independent house, home owners might not have an easy access to service providers unless they book these services through mobile applications.

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Given the current housing scenario, more and more people prefer apartment than an independent house. The real estate companies have sensed the demand and are catering to it. However, both apartments and independent houses have their own pros and cons and different people have different preferences regarding them. The choice is entirely left to the individual and it largely depends on one’s financial means which gives one the freedom of choice.


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