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Riya Tayal | 12 Jun 2023

HOBPAS Haryana Online Building Plan Approval System

HOBPAS Haryana Online Building Plan Approval System

In 2018, the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP), in Haryana, started approving building plans online. Previously, the entire process was conducted manually only. The department, which used to take around 5 days to approve the plans, tried the online plan approval system in order to reduce the amount of time spent on these approvals. Moreover, this was done to reduce human intervention and enhance transparency. The Online Building Plan Approval System HOBPAS, Government of Haryana, is the initiative of the state for citizens to obtain building plan approvals, DPC certificates, construction/reconstruction certificates, Occupancy certificates etc. 

Documentation Needed for Registration on HOBPAS

The list of documents needed for registration on the Haryana Online Building Plan Approval System, i.e. HOBPAS, is as follows:

1. You require a scrutiny fee that costs nearly Rs. 10.

2. You will require four copies of each Form BR-I for obtaining a permit and Form BR-II providing all details and specifications of the concerned building that is about to be constructed. 

3. Structural drawings

4. You will require a copy of the qualification in case you are certified as a technical person.

5. A conformity certificate to building regulations and structural safety is needed.

For the TCPs, it is mandatory to give or refuse sanctions within 60 days of the application receipt. If you are applying for a permit for a new building approval certificate, you must submit the building permit to a particular office. 

Moreover, you can avail the option of uploading the utility file of the client generated via the author application. The user must pay an application fee through online payment or upload a challan before applying. The application can be submitted after the verification of the fees paid by the users of the department. 

Steps for Registering on Haryana Online Building Plan Approval System

The steps that are involved in registration on HOBPAS are as follows:

Step 1: Log on to the HOBPAS online portal and register your profile if you haven’t registered yet. The HOBPAS portal can be conveniently used by individual applicants and architects who submit their applications for the approval of the building plans. 

Step 2: You must note that if you are an HSIIDC allottee to DTP, DULB or HSIDC, you must apply through the online medium for receiving approval on the building plan.

Step 3: Once you sign up on the HOBPAS portal as a public user, this would further move to public, and the user registration will appear on your screen.


Step 4: Now, it will enquire about your genuine identity. You are then required to fill up all the details like full name, DOB, security-related queries and contact details. Make sure to fill out the forms very carefully to prevent any chances of incorrect information or mistakes. Once done, tap on the “Save” button and proceed further to other options. 

Haryana Online Building Plan Approval System

Step 5: After successfully filling out the form, a pop-up will appear on the screen that you’ve created your account. Now you will be asked for more important details for activating your account and then gradually move further. Later, the link will be activated, and you will be asked to submit the building plan application and other necessary details. 

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Step 6: You can now log in easily by entering all the related details, and you will be directed to the standard home page of the website. 

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Step 7: If you are a professional like an architect, structural engineer or PH engineer, you will have 2 registration options, i.e. New Registration and Already registered ULB. If you're not yet registered, you’ll be directed to a particular nature of the workflow. 

Step 8: Once the same gets approved, you will see the option of downloading the licence number, and your application will finally be verified. You can then download the licence from the respective client portal.

Step 9: You must read all the instructions and hit the “NEXT” button. On the next page, enter all the details. After entering the details, save them and proceed.

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