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Anoushka Chopra | 27 Jan 2023

Advantages of Buying Property in Chennai

Advantages of Buying Property in Chennai

The minute we think about buying a property in Chennai, the first thought that comes to most of our minds is the massive development and transformation the city has experienced over the last few years. From a developing city with a lot of areas to work on, Chennai has now fully developed its educational, housing, social, and economic sectors.

Another reason that has made Chennai one of the best cities for real estate investment is its exponential growth in the housing market. At this very second, there are numerous buyers planning and seeking to buy properties, plots, apartments, and villas in the city. Its marvelous infrastructure and easy connectivity make it the perfect choice to buy property. With time, Chennai's appeal as a city that is ideal for property investment has increased too. The fact that it stays in sync with the changing trends and the use of modern technologies adds to the list. 

A quality of a smart buyer is to be fully convinced about the suitability of a city before he/she decides to invest in property there. The fact that you are reading this blog, proves that you are a smart buyer too! It is only wise to invest in property once you are fully convinced of the long-term benefits and profits that it offers. 

A rule of thumb in real estate is to never blindly trust anyone that gives you free advice. Once you receive advice, you do your market research and then make an informed decision. 

Start your process of making informed decisions right from here. We believe there are ample opportunities to invest in Chennai, and there are a variety of properties waiting for you to explore and finalize. Before you decide whether Chennai is worth your time and money, let us give you a list of reasons why you should buy property in Chennai. 

After witnessing the years of growth and development in the city, mentioned below are benefits that you are guaranteed to enjoy if you decide that Chennai is the right city for you. 

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Why Should You Buy a Property in Chennai?

Booming Real Estate

What sets the real estate market of Chennai apart from all others is the wide variety of housing that it offers. Now that city is also developing, it is even more open to negotiating with land prices. From homely to stylish, luxury to basic, you can find the home you have always dreamed of right here. Big construction companies are now taking interest in the city and setting up housing projects too. Real estate companies believe that Chennai is a new opportunity for them and has now become a city that is feasible, viable, and profitable.

Plethora of Amenities

We cannot just make do with a basic facility of a home these days, can we? Before deciding on a house, we make sure we are being provided the opportunity to enjoy some amenities in and around the city. Chennai has the greatest quality of healthcare facilities with world-class doctors who are popular all across India. In every locality, you will find a good school, college, religious temple/church, sense of community, and much more. With the possibility of IKEA coming up soon in Chennai, the city has the best malls and stores in terms of prices, popularity, and quality. 

Best Resale

Even if you are planning to leave the city or invest in a property just to sell in, later on, Chennai will never let you go empty-handed. With the growing potential of the city, buyers jump at the first chance to purchase a property. There is ample demand for houses, and you are guaranteed to be offered a market price that you would not have expected in any other city.

Educational Prospects 

Whether your kid is just starting with school or is looking for a reputed university, Chennai offers it all. For both primary and secondary education, Chennai is home to a lot of well-recognized schools. The best part is that education institutions are available in every nook and corner of the city, instantly expanding your options of choosing the right locality. 

To name a few, IIT Madras, Madras Institute of Technology, Madras Medical College, and Stella Maris College are some of the most preferred institutes. 

Smart and Clean City Initiatives 

Chennai has always been a city that aimed to achieve the ultimate goal of cleanliness and hygiene. They are well on their way to achieving this goal with ample greenery and NGOs who are constantly working on clean initiatives for the city. Public infrastructure is going through massive changes for garbage disposal and better sanitation purposes. 

The problem of traffic is being catered to by converting four-lane roads to six and eight-lane ones. The recent completion of the Metro Rail in Chennai has led to even greater connectivity than before. Another aspect that has made Chennai a smart city is the rapid development of the airport. 

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Each day, more and more people are migrating to Chennai for one reason or another. The city has proved that it can be an all-rounder when it comes to fulfilling all the needs and requirements of its residents. The increased number of people investing in Chennai real estate has led the Government to introduce schemes and amenities that will keep up with the growing population needs. The transportation and connectivity in Chennai are the reasons for its rapid growth. You can seamlessly travel to any part of the city in no time at all. With Chennai becoming the hub for housing, major MNCs have also opened their branches in the city. Some of these include ICICI Bank, Amazon, Cognizant, etc. 

Entertainment Events 

Everyone wants to let go and have a good time once in a while. Whether it is the weekend or your birthday, you will have a variety of options to choose from - nightlife, parties, fashion, and events. Chennai not only organizes grand celebrations for all major festivals but also appreciates and welcomes the art of sports, movies, music, and dance by celebrating it time and again. 

Variety of Cuisines 

Good food equals a good mood! South Indian food is what the city is most known for. We know you can easily get this cuisine almost anywhere in India, however, there is something different about the food in Chennai. It has always been praised for its fresh ingredients and local spices. From tasty biryani to one of the best coffees you will ever taste, Chennai is an ideal place to settle for the foodies! 

Best Place to Hangout 

Whether it is a hobby you want to pursue or an activity you want to engage in; just say the name and Chennai will always have a place where it can be carried out. You will find shopping complexes, gymnasiums, malls, and theaters in every corner of the city. Youngsters of Chennai are not only good company, but are also constantly working on various causes for the good of the city. From wanting to visit a great church to wanting to spend some peaceful time at the beach, Chennai has it all. Areas like Nagar, Adyr, and Anna are one of the most happening localities in Chennai and are known for their amazing parties and happening crowds. 

Such massive improvement of the city is proof that Chennai plans to grow and develop multi-folds in the future too. Whether you are looking to sell your property or buy one, Chennai offers ample benefits for both. If you are still not convinced, you can go ahead and read through a few more added advantages that property investment in Chennai has to offer. 

If you are concerned about what the future of real estate in Chennai looks like, you can also gather some information on the Chennai infrastructure and predictions for the upcoming years.  Read and research as much as you want to, we think the only conclusion you will reach is that Chennai is an ideal city for property investment! 

We are sure that when it comes to buying property in Chennai, the city will not disappoint us. It's time you realize this too! 


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