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Riya Tayal | 28 Feb 2023

The Infrastructure of Chennai- What the Future Looks Like?

The Infrastructure of Chennai- What the Future Looks Like?

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, has always carried the tag of having a humid climate and conservative culture that made the homebuyers doubtful of opting for Chennai as a place to live in. But that tag has now gone long ago. Over the last few years, Chennai has grown bounds and leaps in every sense. May it be infrastructural development or a growing real estate market. Chennai is continuously welcoming migrants from all parts of the country. Since the IT and infrastructure boom happened, the city welcomes you with wide open arms and offers you a professional platform to grow and a highly developed city to live in. With top-notch academics, excellent infrastructure, an abundance of greenery and a great urban lifestyle, Chennai is well known as the biggest economic, cultural and educational hub of South India. 

A good infrastructure is something that keeps a city running. It is the lifeline of a thriving and good economy. Apart from attracting migrants from different parts of India, a good infrastructure adds power to the economy by attracting investors, generating employment opportunities and boosting trade. And, this all together is typically the backbone of every modern city.

Let’s take a quick look at Chennai’s infrastructure!

Overview of Chennai’s Infrastructure

The city of Chennai boasts of a superior telecommunications and transport infrastructure, making it one of the top and most favoured destinations for investment. Though a good infrastructure is already in place in Chennai, the city is still adapting itself to global changes and challenges continuously. Apart from this, the city is continuously upgrading its infrastructure to emerging changes. 

As per some research, it is shown that every government that comes to power in Chennai announces a plethora of infrastructure initiatives to make the city better in all aspects. The current government in Chennai has announced multiple initiatives to power up and strengthen the infrastructure of the city. Have a look at some of them!

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1. Chennai Metro Rail- Connecting the heart of the city

The arrival of Chennai Metro Rail in the city is a big boon. This world-class Metro Rail has eased the traffic volumes of the city to some extent. With this, we hope that the city will see a remarkable transformation as more and more places are being covered by the Metro Rail network, thus giving momentum to the growth of Chennai. The second phase of the Chennai Metro Rail Project is in full swing and is expected to be finished by 2025. The people living in Chennai can then enjoy a hassle-free and stress-free ride to the workplace and back home. 

2. Major road projects

Another significant thing that tops the list of infrastructure agenda of every government is road project. The aim of easing the city traffic holds utmost importance for every government, and the same is for Chennai’s government. As an ever-growing city, Chennai is continuously seeing a steady influx of people from different villages and towns who migrate here for better life and work. The increase in the number of people adds more vehicular traffic to the roads, and the city is constantly choked with traffic. This makes road infrastructure one of the top priorities here. The present government in Chennai has listed out some major road projects in arterial networks. Surprisingly, an amount of approximately Rs. 403 crores have been allotted for the same. Some of the major road projects involve:

  1. Construction of flyover at the Madhya Kailash junction at the cost of Rs. 56 crore to connect Sardar Patel Road and Rajiv Gandhi Road
  2. A subway at Mount Medavakkam Road - Inner Ring Road junction
  3. A 3.14 Km long elevated corridor on Mount-Poonamallee- Avadi Road at Ramapuram and Mugalivakkam junctions
  4. A link road to be laid in order to connect Tambaram Shanmugam Road with the Chennai-Tiruchi National Highway 
  5. Construction of pedestrian subway and service road to connect East Tambaram with West Tambaram and Mudichur
  6. Besides this, the Singara Chennai project has also been revived. For infrastructure up-gradation, an amount of Rs.500 crores is allocated. The corporation also aims to restore lakes and clear stormwater drains in several parts of the city.

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3. Urban Infrastructure

Finally, the focus comes to the urban infrastructure. The government has begun to look into the infrastructure gaps in many interior areas and planned accordingly to upgrade them. There are multiple plans relating to strengthening the national as well as state highways, municipality and town roads, improving the sanitation network, rejuvenating the water bodies, improving street infrastructure and more. In addition to this, multiple parks, community halls, libraries are also being planned to improve the social infrastructure of the multicultural city, Chennai. 

To conclude, we would like to bring to your notice that, as the city is all geared up for more world-class infrastructure projects, now is the perfect time to invest in real estate or buy property in Chennai. And, we at Clicbrics will be happy to help you find your dream home here. Call us now at +91-8010820000 and start your property buying journey in Chennai with us. 

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