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Alisha | 27 Jan 2023

Learn The Advantages And Disadvantages of Smart Home Technology

Learn The Advantages And Disadvantages of Smart Home Technology

The latest gadgets as various home appliances and other technological advances have made a big space in residential real estate in India. The big players are delivering projects as smart homes in the country's metropolitan cities, and Tier 2 cities are catching up with the trend as well. 

With cameras, motion detectors and locks installed at your residence, smart homes are undoubtedly safer than traditional homes. However, you should be aware of the faults that technology is bound to have. We give you the insights of many advantages and fewer disadvantages of living in a smart home:

1. Cost and efficiency of smart devices

Advantage - A smart home consists of smart devices that can communicate with each other. Such devices are energy efficient and easy to use.

Disadvantage - The heavy reliance on the internet for these devices to function as well as the cost of smart devices may not be a budget-friendly investment for buyers who fall in mid-segment and live in affordable homes. 

2. Reliability and quality of smart devices

Advantage - Connect the devices with your phone or tablet and explore the benefits, especially when you are not at home. For instance, you may have left your home, keeping the lights on. With a light switch app on your phone, you can instantly turn them off. Another instance is when a guest arrives at your home in your absence. You will know as you will be notified about the guest on your phone. Rest, you know how to handle such emergencies.

Disadvantage - With continuous innovation, technology advances at a fast pace

and not all companies are capable of keeping up with the competition. Hence, once the company is dead, your smart devices may accordingly be disabled or soon be outdated. Make sure you choose devices from reputed brands.

3. Maintenance updates and learning to use the smart devices 

Advantage - Your smart devices are there to remind you about their working conditions from time to time. The kitchen appliances like ovens and refrigerators are especially on constant need and use. Getting maintenance updates from appliances themselves will save you from last-minute emergencies.

Disadvantage - Only if you are a tech savvy person, you will learn to use the devices quickly. Those who aren't, learning and adapting will take some time, involving some amount of trial and error.

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4. Security level provided by smart devices

Advantage - How about the idea of a self-monitoring security system over the monitored system with a team? Install smart cameras at indoor and outdoor spaces of your home. You can self monitor them through your smartphone. Whenever a motion is detected, you will receive alerts on your phone. In case you catch a thief while monitoring, you can immediately call the police for help. Also, the recording will serve as proof. Now, you should know that recording scenes will depend on the camera's storage option. Some are free while some are chargeable for storage option.

Disadvantage - Always remember, in the digital world, you are exposed to the chances of being hacked. Therefore, it is essential to know the best practices for securing your devices. One of the primary and simplest ways to do is make your wifi passwords strong.


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