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26 Jun 2018

7 Tips for Creating Multi-Purpose Rooms to Inspire Your Next Renovation

7 Tips for Creating Multi-Purpose Rooms to Inspire Your Next Renovation

Urban life has squeezed us into smaller apartments. Therefore, having multi-purpose rooms is a great solution to the challenge of living in small apartments. With the creation of multi-purpose room, your home can offer various functions, even in a limited space. Below are a number of ideas to create a multi-purpose room.

Library in the Living Room

Let's admit it, because of the limited space, most of the small apartment cannot afford the luxury of having an entire room dedicated to a library. It is a time when you can bring creativity by making the use of the walls in the living room. Not only does it enhances the look of the room, but it is also very easy to reach. Image Source:- i.pinimg.com

Turn a Bedroom into a Study Room

These days, in an apartment it is impossible to afford to sacrifice whole room in order to turn it into a study area. Taking into consideration the limited space, most of the time this function is taken on by the bedroom. You can also try the study area in your bedroom and can show it as a harmonious part of the bedroom’s décor. Image Source:-cdn.homedit.com

Dining Room on the Balcony

Have you ever thought of a dining room on the balcony? Yes, the balcony can be an ideal place for dining as the balcony is well connected to the outside world, ie. Nature. With a little attention, your balcony can become a real oasis of enjoyment and relaxation.
Image Source:-sharewatts.us

Combine Your Kitchen with Dining Room

Building different rooms for various purposes is complicated as well as outdated. More and more people are now opting for combined areas for kitchen and dining so that they have more space in the house for other things. Image Source:-capetownvillas.net

One Space for a Living and Dining Room:

These days, living cum dining room is the result of the space crunch in most of the modern homes. You can decorate the two different spaces in such a manner so that it will make you believe that they were meant to be together. Image Source:-duckness.net

Bathroom with Home Gym

The bathroom and gym combination can be quite effective as well as productive. Make sure this multi-purpose room has enough ventilation to help you use both the functions in this room more effectively. Image Source:-jacekpartyka.com

Optimise the Corners of the Room

Corner shelving is a great way to use your corner in an efficient way. You can put a TV in a corner shelving unit. Also, you can add a floating desk which can be folded easily. Make the chair should not be too bulky. Image Source:-viendoraglass.com



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