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Gaurav Srivastava | 27 Aug 2018

7 Tips To Design Perfect House for Joint-Family

7 Tips To Design Perfect House for Joint-Family

Many joint families still live in one house today. Well, this communal living brings its own share of fun, but sometimes shares the same space which can be a challenging task at times. Therefore, it is important to design the house in such a way that it takes care of everyone’s needs and preferences, and also brings everyone together. So, let’s know how to design the house for joint-family

1. Consider the Preferences

joint family house design

Before designing a joint family house, think about the preferences of the family members like what type of living set-up they prefer or what living spaces are actually essential to the design and so on. Finding a common ground between members becomes important. Image Source - ashandbloom.com

2. Create Clutter-Free House Interiors

family house design

House design for a joint family requires a sense of circulation, where everyone can find mobility within the house easy. Keep the house interiors clutter-free, so that it is easy to move around also, one should consider furniture pieces that are not delicate or with sharp edges. Image Source - pinimg.com

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3. A Kitchen for Multiple Cooks

family home

In joint families, a kitchen is an area where usually more than one person works. In such a scenario, a kitchen should have a larger counter space where no one barges into the other’s work. If you have the luxury of space, then you can add an island which can offer extra space for cooking or prepping. Image Source - drurydesigns.com

4. Rooms Without Walls

joint family home

Try to follow the free home style where open rooms are designed without walls. It develops communication between family members easily between different rooms. However, it is important to have a different kind of furniture so that you can distinguish the limits of each section. Image Source - gulmoharlane.com

5. Customise the Dining Area

family home design

Every joint family dines differently – while some prefer to have one meal together, some others prefer to eat as per their convenience. Therefore, it's better to choose buffet tables or small dining tables that are easily extendable, with hideaway chairs. Image Source - magnoliahomefurniture.com

6. Create Pleasant Public Spaces

modern joint family home

More family members mean more constant guests. In a joint-family house, it is advisable to invest in small seaters that can be moved around easily. If your home has space, you can break up space into smaller seating areas, so that you can enjoy your private conversations. Image Source - magnolia.com

7. Relaxation in Corner

joint family home sitting

Create balcony lounges, window seats, nooks or entire rooms for relaxing. If your home has space, you can have multifunctional spaces like a dining area that can double up as window seating or a place for studying. Image Source - lvluxhome.net

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