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Marketing Team | 31 Jan 2020

7 Modern Wardrobe Designs Ideas You'll Love (With Images)

7 Modern Wardrobe Designs Ideas You'll Love (With Images)

Do you have a small, odd-shaped or non-traditional wardrobe in your bedroom? And do you dream of having a well-designed wardrobe for storing huge and small items in an organized manner? We present you some fascinating ideas on how to design an extraordinary wardrobe, see them and you might get inspired!

1. Sliding wardrobe

A sliding wardrobe can save a lot of space in your bedroom. Most of us have lots of accessories but can also keep all the items organized, attractive and within easy reach. Adding sliding doors to your wardrobe design is the best way to keep items organized and dust-free.

2. A wardrobe with display shelves

Open closets are an ideal option when you want to keep all your accessories, clothing and decorative items together. This type of wardrobe will add style to your room and help you get organized in the process.

3. A mirrored wardrobe

The next is a mirror wardrobe which you can put in your bedroom. This kind of wardrobe is favoured by people everywhere because they are so practical in approach. These wardrobes not only look classy but also gives the reflection of the full room. 

4. L-shaped wardrobe

An L-shaped wardrobe is also known as a corner wardrobe because it only fits in the corner of a room. This kind of wardrobe properly utilizes the corner space, which is generally an unused space. It offers massive storage capacity that makes it a perfect choice in modern and traditional homes.

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5. Column wardrobe

Well, if you have limited space in your bedroom, a column wardrobe is the perfect choice for you. One of the biggest advantages of this kind of wardrobe is that it can be created in a limited space and can give you more space for storage.

6. Sleek wardrobe

A sleek wardrobe can fit comfortably into your small bedroom. Also, it is considered a better alternative than traditional cupboards. It can be designed according to your budget and choice as you can find a variety of materials available in the market.

7. Vintage Wardrobe

If you've always found yourself drawn to old or mid-time history, then a vintage wardrobe is perfect a perfect choice for your bedroom. They are extremely beautiful in look and add a touch of vintage charm to your bedroom.

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