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Marketing Team | 07 Feb 2023

7 Lighting Ideas To Create A Cosy Atmosphere In Your Garden

7 Lighting Ideas To Create A Cosy Atmosphere In Your Garden

Garden lighting can add magical effects in making outdoor gatherings more cosy and festive. Check out our pick of the seven beautiful lighting ideas to create a completely new dimension to your garden

1. Stunning solar lights for a magical touch

Garden lighting

If you want to light up your beautiful garden without using more electricity, then solar lights can be a fantastic option for lighting your garden. Solar lights can act as both functional and decorative purpose. Not only these lights are far more energy efficient and saving you money in the long run, but these lights are also easy to install and they can be left in place for a longer duration.

2. Add some sparkle with fairy lights

lighting ideas for garden

Add some sparkle to your beautiful garden with the help of unique fairy lights. They can add a magical touch to any garden, and these flower versions go a long way at night.

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3. Glow with colour-coordinating candles

garden decor ideas

You can give your garden a full bloom with colour-coordinating lanterns. These days, many LED battery-powered candles are available in the market which can avoid any risks involved with real candles while still providing a striking glow.

4. Bring sparkle to garden paths

Garden decorating ideas

LED-lit trees are perfect for marking a special occasion because it will bring an atmospheric and decorative touch to gardens. These LED-lit trees can create a twinkling effect which is ideal for lighting up garden walkways and garden paths.

5. Use uplighters to catch the guest’s attention

Garden decorating idea

Using uplighters are an inexpensive way to turn your garden from the run of the mill to magical. It allows you to spotlight the most beautiful garden features, like your garden accessories or favourite shrubs.

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6. Illuminated magical fountain

garden decor idea

If you have a beautiful fountain in your garden, then highlight it by positioning garden lighting nearby and pointing the striking glow in the right direction.

7. Lit by the glow of a chandelier

lighting idea for garden

A gorgeous chandelier hung over a couch in your own private garden make an outdoor gathering feels relaxed and cozy.

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