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alisha | 14 Jan 2020

Lower Or Upper Floors? 6 Points To Consider In A High Rise Complex Before You Buy A Home

Lower Or Upper Floors? 6 Points To Consider In A High Rise Complex Before You Buy A Home

For those who prefer waking up to the beautiful city views, top floors in a residential building remain an ideal choice. On the other hand, lower floors are usually occupied by the homeowners who believe in the ease of accessibility. There are many other factors that you must consider while selecting a particular floor as your new address. Along with metro cities, high rise development has begun to make a significant presence in smaller Indian cities. You can make the most of your property investment decision in a high rise complex by examining the following points:

1. Accessibility

The complex offering you breathtaking views seems a tempting deal, but are you afraid of heights? If yes, the upper floors will make your life a nightmare. An elevator makes life easier, but at the same time, waiting for it to arrive whenever you climb up to your high rise home will waste a lot of time. A family with senior citizens, differently-abled individuals, or office goers should pick up a lower floor home. More importantly, higher the floor, more expensive will be the property.

2. Having more than one lift

It is quite common to see lifts along with the staircases in housing projects nowadays, especially in high rise towers. Besides that, your primary concern is to find out the building where you are planning to have a home is equipped with more than one functional lift or not. Such thoughtful arrangements prove handy during the breakdown of any one lift.

3. Check fire safety measures

As a buyer, when you are going through the list of amenities, have a careful look at safety features. The residential building or any complex should be equipped with a standard fire fighting system. Check if the builder you are consulting with has followed the legal framework for safety requirements while constructing the project. Emergency alarms, fire extinguishers and automatic sprinklers are some of the essential fire fighting amenities your property must have. 

4. Floor with a proper mobile network coverage 

How crucial it has become to remain available with each other through mobile phones these days. Hence, nobody wishes to compromise with their mobile network coverage as well as the internet connection. At present, the construction of high rise buildings could easily result in beyond twenty floors. If you are looking forward to buying a home on the upper floor, ensure that you receive a good network.

5. What is your purpose for buying a home?

If rental income is your main reason for property investment, lower floors will give you maximum returns. Another factor that determines the choice of a specific floor is the climatic conditions of the city. A metro city like Bengaluru enjoys a moderate climate, and upper floors are equally preferred. On the other hand, Delhi goes through an extreme summer heat and the demand for lower floors are therefore more. 

6. RERA registered project

Chose a well-known builder, who holds a good track record and has registered the property with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).


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