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17 Jan 2020

Why Recycling With Household Items Can Be So Much Fun

Why Recycling With Household Items Can Be So Much Fun

Don't know how to utilise free time or spend your weekends? Better indulge in some creative recycling projects. It helps you save money and benefit the environment and wildlife. Take an example of discarded plastic bottles thrown in the ocean and damaging the ecosystem underwater. Instead, recycling those bottles to make some household items will be a mindful act. 

1. Did you know your cutlery can be turned into hooks and hangers?

Are you planning to discard old cutlery? Turn down the idea right away. We have better plans. Your old cutlery may no longer look nice in the dining space, but will surely be useful when repurposed. Shape them as hooks and hangers by putting a little effort to bend and drill. Place them in any part of your house with kitchen as a good option. 

2. The best ways to repurpose a kitchen grater - Explore them!

Some old kitchen gadgets are used to a point where they are no longer suitable for cooking purposes. Take the kitchen grater, for instance. Best, you can discard it but we have a better advice. Turn it into a hanging lamp or use it as a pencil holder. Some earrings tend to spoil in shape when kept in a jewellery box. In such a case, paint your grater and hang all your delicate accessories in it.

3. Recycle waste products into useful garden accessories

Your garden is an eco-friendly space in your home. Several household waste items can be used to accessorise your garden.  Recycle your rubber boots into creative flower pots. Plastic bottles are a harmful product to the environment, and you can act sensibly by not discarding them. Instead, they can be useful garden equipment as flower pots. Such ideas will help you save money and garner praise.

4. Plastic bottle feeder for your feathered friends - A thoughtful gesture!

We give you one more reason not to throw away the plastic bottles. Bird feeders are an incredible way to show love to your feathered friends. Recycle plastic bottles into feeders and hang them in the garden or balcony where birds can easily reach out to the food. All you need to do is create holes in the bottle to insert spoons and fill it with seeds. Enjoy watching them around their new feeder.



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