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Janvee | 16 Dec 2022

Start Planning Your Next Year With Holiday Calendar 2023

Start Planning Your Next Year With Holiday Calendar 2023

Table of Contents

  1. 2023 Calendar With Holidays #1: Public Holidays in Holiday Calendar 2023
  2. 2023 Calendar With Holidays #2: Auspicious Days For Property Purchase & Property Registration 2023
  3. 2023 Calendar With Holidays #3: Lesser Known Days of Holiday Calendar 2023 That Might Interest The Homeowners

The new year will be knocking on our doors in just three weeks from now. While there’s so much to look back to, there’s so much to plan for ahead too. Whether it's your family outings or your real estate investments, you need to be prepared for all of them! This holiday calendar 2023 enlists all the holidays in a single place whether public holidays or real estate holidays. 

Bookmark it, save it or share it with your friends and family before the new year begins!

Public Holidays in Holiday Calendar 2023

Do you know what's better than being able to go on holidays? Knowing the right time to book for those trips!

To be able to do this, you need a 2023 holiday list, right? This 2023 calendar with Indian holidays list is just the one you need!

Date & MonthDayName of the festivalType of Holiday
1st JanuarySundayNew YearRestricted
14th JanuarySundayMakar Sankranti, LohriRestricted
15th JanuarySundayPongalRestricted
26th JanuaryThursdayRepublic Day, Vasant PanchamiGazetted
5th FebruarySundayGuru Ravidas Jayanti, Hazarat Ali’s BirthdayRestricted
15th FebruaryWednesdaySwami Dayanand Saraswati JayantiRestricted
18th FebruarySaturdayMaha ShivratriRestricted
19th FebruarySundayShivaji JayantiRestricted
7th MarchTuesdayHolika DahanRestricted
8th MarchWednesdayHoliGazetted
22nd MarchWednesdayChaitra Sukladi, Gudi Padava, Ugadi, Cheti ChandRestricted
30th MarchThursdayRam NavamiRestricted
4th AprilTuesdayMahavir JayantiGazetted
7th AprilFridayGood FridayGazetted
9th AprilSundayEaster DayRestricted
14th AprilFridayVaisakhi, MeshadiRestricted
14th AprilFridayAmbedkar JayantiObservance
15th AprilSaturdayVaisakhadi, Bahag Bihu Restricted
21st AprilFridayJamat-Ul-VidaRestricted
22nd AprilSaturdayEid-ul-FitrGazetted
5th MayFridayBuddha PurnimaGazetted
9th MayTuesdayRabindranath Tagore’s BirthdayRestricted/td>
20th JuneTuesdayRath YatraRestricted
29th JuneThursdayBakrid (Id-ul-Zuha)Restricted
29th JulySaturdayMuharramGazetted
15th AugustTuesdayIndependence DayGazetted
16th AugustWednesdayParsi New YearRestricted
29th AugustTuesdayOnamRestricted
30th AugustWednesdayRaksha BandhanRestricted
7th SeptemberThursdayJanmashtamiGazetted
19th SeptemberTuesdayGanesh ChaturthiRestricted
28th SeptemberThursdayMilad-un-Nabi or Id-e-MiladGazetted
2nd OctoberMondayGandhi JayantiGazetted
24th OctoberTuesdayDussehraGazetted
12th NovemberSundayDiwaliGazetted
13th NovemberMondayGovardhan PujaRestricted
15th NovemberWednesdayBhai DujRestricted
19th NovemberSaturdayChhat PujaRestricted
24th NovemberFridayGuru Teg Bahadur's Martyrdom DayRestricted
27th NovemberMondayGuru Nanak JayantiGazetted
24th DecemberSundayChristmas EveRestricted
25th DecemberMondayChristmasGazetted

Auspicious Days For Property Purchase & Property Registration 2023 

holiday calendar 2023

The above holiday calendar for 2023 remains incomplete without specifying a great time to purchase new properties next year. You may have a lot of trips to plan the upcoming year, but being able to plan your property investments for next year would be great too, right?

Have a look at this chart & plan when you want to purchase the property you had been eyeing for a while! 

Date & Month Day Festivals on this day Auspicious Muhurats
5th January Thursday None 06:43 AM to 09:26 PM
6th January Friday None 12:14 AM to 06:44 AM on January 07
12th January Thursday None 06:45 AM to 02:25 PM
19th January Thursday None 03:18 PM to 06:46 AM on January 20
20th January Friday None 06:46 AM to 06:17 AM on January 21
26th January Thursday None 06:57 PM to 06:46 AM on January 27
27th January Friday None 06:46 AM to 06:37 PM
2nd February Thursday None 06:18 AM to 06:46 AM on February 03
3rd February Friday None 06:46 AM to 06:45 AM on February 04
16th February Thursday None 06:42 AM to 06:42 AM on February 17
17th February Friday None 06:42 AM to 08:28 PM
23rd February Thursday None 06:39 AM to 03:44 AM on February 24
2nd March Thursday None 12:43 PM to 06:35 AM on March 03
3rd March Friday None 06:35 AM to 03:43 PM
16th March Thursday None 06:27 AM to 04:47 AM on March 17
23rd March Thursday None 06:22 AM to 02:08 PM
30th March Thursday Ram Navami 06:17 AM to 10:59 PM
31st March Friday None 01:57 AM to 06:16 AM on April 01
13th April Thursday None 06:09 AM to 10:43 AM
27th April Thursday None 06:01 AM to 07:00 AM
28th April Friday None 09:53 AM to 06:00 AM on April 29
5th May Friday Buddha Purnima 09:40 PM to 05:57 AM, May 06
25th May Thursday None 05:54 PM to 05:53 AM on May 26
26th May Friday None 05:53 AM to 05:53 AM on May 27
2nd June Friday None 06:53 AM to 05:52 AM on June 03
22nd June Thursday None 05:55 AM to 05:55 AM on June 23
23rd June Friday None 05:55 AM to 05:55 AM on June 24
29th June Thursday Bakrid 04:30 PM to 05:57 AM on June 30
30th June Cell None 05:57 AM to 05:57 AM on July 01
7th July Friday None 10:16 PM to 05:59 AM on July 08
14th July Friday None 10:27 PM to 06:01 AM on July 15
17th August Thursday None 06:08 AM to 06:08 AM on August 18
18th August Friday None 06:08 AM to 10:57 PM
24th August Thursday None 06:08 AM to 06:08 AM on August 25
25th August Friday None 06:08 AM to 09:14 AM
31st August Thursday None 05:45 PM to 03:18 AM on September 01
1st SeptemberFridayNone06:09 AM to 02:56 PM
7th SeptemberThursdayJanmashtami10:25 AM to 06:09 AM on September 08
8th SeptemberFridayNone06:09 AM to 12:09 PM
14th SeptemberThursdayNone06:09 AM to 04:54 AM on September 15
21st SeptemberThursdayNone06:09 AM to 03:35 PM
22nd SeptemberFridayNone03:34 PM to 06:09 AM on September 23
28th SeptemberThursdayId-e-Milad06:09 AM to 01:48 AM on September 29
29th SeptemberFridayNone11:18 PM to 06:09 AM on September 30
5th OctoberThursdayNone06:09 AM to 07:40 PM
6th OctoberFridayNone09:32 PM to 06:09 AM on October 07
12th OctoberThursdayNone06:09 AM to 11:36 AM
19th OctoberThursdayNone09:04 PM to 06:10 AM on October 20
20th OctoberFridayNone06:10 AM to 06:11 AM on October 21
26th OctoberThursdayNone06:12 AM to 11:27 AM
27th OctoberFridayNone09:25 AM to 04:17 AM on October 28
2nd NovemberThursdayNone05:57 AM to 06:14 AM on November 03
3rd NovemberFridayNone06:14 AM to 06:14 AM on November 04
16th NovemberThursdayNone06:18 AM to 06:19 AM on November 17
17th NovemberFridayNone06:19 AM to 01:17 AM on November 18
23rd NovemberThursdayNone05:16 PM to 06:22 AM on November 24
24th NovemberFridayNone06:22 AM to 04:01 PM
30th NovemberThursdayNone03:01 PM to 06:26 AM on December 01
1st DecemberFridayNone06:26 AM to 04:40 PM
14th DecemberThursdayNone06:33 AM to 06:33 AM on December 15
15th DecemberFridayNone06:33 AM to 08:10 AM
21st DecemberThursdayNone06:37 AM to 10:09 PM
28th DecemberThursdayNone06:40 AM to 01:05 AM on December 29
29th DecemberFridayNone03:10 AM to 06:41 AM on December 30

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Lesser Known Days of Holiday Calendar 2023 That Might Interest The Homeowners

While this article covers all the 2023 calendar holidays, here are some lesser-known holidays that will surprise you!

Date & MonthDayName of the festival
14th JanuarySaturdayOrganise Your Home Day
10th FebruaryFridayNational Home Warranty Day
1st MayMondayNew Homeowners Day
17th SeptemberSundayVishwakarma Pooja
23rd OctoberMondayAyudha Pooja


Everyone loves a year filled with fun trips, long vacations and some great property investment deals. We hope this holiday calendar 2023 enlists everything you need to know to plan your next year well. 

Have a great time planning your year using this calendar 2023 with holidays


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