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20 Mar 2019

You Need To Know The Top Interior Design Trends For 2019

You Need To Know The Top Interior Design Trends For 2019

The new year 2019 has just begun, and it's an opportunity to leave behind what's bad and embrace what's new and good. For home decor enthusiasts who are looking for tips on 2019 decorating, here's a list of the home trends that are IN and OUT this year. Consider the following interior designs which highlight specific materials, finishes, and comebacks. Give them a go for a good reason.

1. The connection between nature and humankind

With an awareness to curb pollution and breathe fresh air, people have started to take more interest towards living in greenery. Hence, the emphasis of developers and designers is lying on the theory of Biophilia. With an aim to bring nature at home, organic materials such as wooden floors, stones, and plants are making their way in the latest trend.

2. The Bohemian way

If you believe in the unconventional concepts, the boho style is your call. Be open to decorating the space with vintage items. Bright colours along with unique wall hangings or anything you have that you brought from a place as a souvenir, use them as a boho decor. At the least, you can go easy with the dream catchers.

3. How about bold black bathrooms?

The dark, bold and black colours are the colour schemes for the bathrooms this year. With an aim to give a nice visual effect, the dark shades are suggested to add modern and unique charm in the place. The white appliances at the same time can strike on the black wall and soothe the heavy appearance.

4. 90% white and 10% other colours

The ideal place to try this concept of 90% white and 10% other colours would be your bedroom. Keep white as the foundation colour. Incorporate cushions or other accessories of different colours which you prefer. This method surely will give a fresh, bold, and youthful look to your bedroom.

5. Terrazzo tile

Terrazzo tile is making a major comeback. The dazzling display of speckled colours of terrazzo is visually appealing and versatile. The experts have remastered it to blend with modern day homes. It is also a new and interesting alternative to granite and concrete. Terrazzo can feature anywhere in the house and is often great for flooring and kitchen tops.

6. Geometric patterns

Thanks to the symmetrical harmony which makes geometric patterns never go out of style. This kind of design is responsible for bringing more life into a room. Geometric patterns are a great way to grab a lot of attention. If you are planning to use or combining a lot of them, consider balancing them out with some less heavy elements. 



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