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Alisha | 10 Nov 2022

Women Who Have Taken Charge of Real Estate in India

Women Who Have Taken Charge of Real Estate in India

Real Estate Industry has traditionally been a male-dominated business in India, and across the globe. However, the participation of women is gradually increasing. The industry is slowly acknowledging the fact that companies with a higher percentage of women in leadership positions, tend to perform better than those with low women representation at senior positions. The following women hold a significant place in real estate and are inspiring more women. They share their reasons and journey of being in the industry:

Manju Yagnik is the Vice Chairperson of Nahar Group and actively runs the business and discusses real estate issues. Her presence and experience in the industry mark over two decades. On her journey in real estate, she quotes, "I have always loved taking challenges and this quality made me take up a career in real estate. After completing my studies, I joined the Nahar Group. My decision was equally supported by my family who encouraged me at every step of my career due to which I believe I am at this position. I have not faced any difficulty in working or achieving my goals. My suggestion is that one should focus on their goals and success shall follow automatically, irrespective of the gender mix in the industry".

Gunjan Goel as the Director at Goel Ganga Developments talks about how she entered the field of real estate and participation of women in it. “I don’t believe there is any career field left that hasn’t been taken up by a woman. I remember six years ago when my sister joined the industry, there were hardly any girls here. In the last few years, real estate, in particular, has proven to be an excellent career choice for women. They have really set a benchmark for my generation to echo their efforts and reach a new touchstone altogether. My generation has been lucky enough to be born at a time when there is no discrimination based on gender. However, one can still not deny the fact that some roles are more suited to men. However, I do not think that has made it any more difficult for me to work here".

Snehal Mantri serves as the Director in Marketing and HR at one of the country's top real estate developers 'Mantri Developers'. Her persistence, passion, and dedication have made her one of the most successful women leaders in real estate in the country today. She made it to the list as well as succeeded in the industry because of her ability to handle criticism and willingness to learn.

Through the personal efforts, hard work, and dedication, Kruti Jain as the CEO of Kumar Builders (KUL) has risen to become one of the stalwarts of Pune’s real estate industry. Kruti Jain started her education in real estate at the tender age of 15 under the mentorship of her father Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain. At Kumar Urban development Limited (KUL), she is responsible for developing and executing business strategies as well as spearheads all new business projects undertaken by the group.

The Deputy Managing Director of Parmar Group Darshana Parmar Jain says, “Women today juggle work, life, kids and yet are able to compartmentalise it all perfectly and accurately. It is easy to pick up on the finer nuances while dealing in property. Customers find it easy to talk to me. Women thrive on teamwork, which is essential for companies in the growth mode". After 12 years of business experience in Information Technology, Darshana brought information technology as a key medium for growth in the group. She believes in leveraging the best design and delivery methods in the urban landscape to stay connected with each customer and contribute as a nation builder.


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