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25 Jun 2019

Which Houseplants Are Safe To Grow Around Pets? Answer Is…

Which Houseplants Are Safe To Grow Around Pets? Answer Is…

You love keeping plants to beautify your home. That is OK! But a curious four-legged friend might take a bite of a delicate flower you’ve been nurturing. Did you know when ingested, certain plants can pose a threat to the health of your furry friends? but fear not!  We're here to show you a number of plants that won't pose a risk to your pets! 

African Violet

If you’re looking for pet-safe houseplants with blooms, then look no further than African violet. If you’ve got open shelving in your dining room, these versatile flowers would be colourful addition. Keep them in a warm location where they get sunlight, and they will bloom beautifully for you all year round.

Spider Plant

Looking for a wow factor in your houseplant plants? You’ll love Spider plants which can grow in low light while keeping your pets safe. This happy-go-lucky spider plant is great air-purifiers, so they are non-toxic to your four-legged friend.

Parlor Palm

If you are looking to add a small tree indoors, Parlor Palm is one of the perfect pet-friendly plants. Safe for cats and dogs, this palm requires only a few hours of indirect light a day and can also grow to six-feet tall with the right amount of care.

Prayer Plant

Prayer plants are also a great choice to add colour and texture to your decor while keeping your cats and dogs safe. Dramatic red ribs with green leaves thrive best in medium light with a moderate amount of water. 

Moth Orchids

Moth Orchidshttps://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?source=bk&t=78701_wop-20&bm-id=default&l=ktl&linkId=7bc75e1f89809d67e9a004f54bbe0d8a&_cb=1488831137510 not only bring beautiful blossoms indoors but also safe if your dog or cat sneaks a nibble. This plant purifies indoor air so it can also help purify the air you and your dog or cat breathe. and is a perfect addition to a bookshelf, mantle or desk.



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