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alisha | 03 Nov 2020

What Should Homebuyers Exactly Look For In Festive Offers?

What Should Homebuyers Exactly Look For In Festive Offers?

Festive season comes with an assurance of cut down on the cost of buying a house for the homebuyers. It's quite exciting to see various offers and deals every year being lined up in the name of festive offers. The real estate developers make the most of this opportunity to sell their inventories. A major part of festive offers happens in the ready-to-move-in segment of housing property.

With a hope that the crisis in real estate caused by Covid-19 would pick up in this festive season, developers are showering a list of amazing schemes to the potential homebuyers. On the other hand, homebuyers are looking for a little extra in their home purchase and of course, affordability and modernity.

What's on offer?

  • Like every festive season, get freebies such as gold coins, smartphones, air conditioners, modular kitchen, free car parking, etc.

  • Real estate developers are offering cash discounts on properties. So, homebuyers should grab the opportunity and even try to bargain for more discounts.

  • Another attractive festive offer is the GST waiver on property purchase. Besides property prices, homebuyers are required to pay for registration and stamp duty. However, not having to pay for both during the festive season will help in reducing the overall cost of the property.

  • Some housing properties are also offering festive deals on club membership, parking charges, water connection, power backup, and more.

At the same time, what's also important is to remain careful while availing discounts and schemes. Avoid making decisions that are solely based on such attractive deals. The location, locality, quality of construction, and amenities of a project are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration.

What's important for the homebuyers?

  • If you are determined to buy your dream home this festive season, first consider your top priorities and then avail freebies accordingly. Ask yourself, does a freebie like a gold coin or smartphone really make a difference?

  • Avoid making decisions in haste! You might feel an urge to buy a property right away seeing special offers being available till Diwali. Check if the property or other similar properties are available at the same price on normal days.

  • Make sure there are no hidden charges that the builder will ask you to pay later. Check everything in detail.

  • Freebies are good only if they add value to the property. If not, it is better to choose cash discount schemes over freebies.

  • Get everything mentioned in the official documents rather than just relying on the words of the sales team.


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