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17 Oct 2018

Welcome The Winter With 7 Cosy Home Decor Ideas

Welcome The Winter With 7 Cosy Home Decor Ideas

With winter swiftly approaching, it’s time to redecorate your home to reflect the season. incorporate a cozy winter theme into your home which can add warmth and depth to your humble abode. Here are some simple and sophisticated ways to get your house prepared for this winter.

Warm Colours

Warm colours such as burgundy, yellow or orange can cheer up your home during winter. You can purchase your sofas in these wonderful colours. Even if you have a limited budget, then also you can buy sofa covers, cushions, pillow covers and bed sheets in these shades and give your home that warm and bright feel. Image Source-  i-send.co

Indoor House Plants

Place a few indoor plants in your home as it can bring their freshness in any room. If you want to give a personal touch, then you can pick up some quirky pots or pot holders from shops. You can also use flower vases for every room and can change beautiful flowers every alternate day. Image Source: xcdn.pro

Opt for Dry Arrangements

If taking care of houseplants is difficult for you, then you can always opt for dry arrangements or artificial flowers because they can create an elegant flower arrangement for your home. Image Source: verseksmsek.com

Bring Out the Candles

Winter season symbolizes cold and blustery winds. So, use this gloomy weather to decorate with some sparkling candles. Bring out the left over candles from any festival and arrange them neatly in a room It will add brightness and a lot of warmth to your room. Image Source: i.pinimg.com

Use Carpets and Rugs

If you hate getting up in the early morning and walking on the icy floor, then use carpets and rugs and warm up your home. Place Faux fur rugs around your home and you will be amazed at the difference they can make. It looks really elegant and also keeps your feet warm. Image Source: vivo-homeliving.com

Soft Furnishings

Soft cushions, throws, couch and bedding are great for making your home alive and warm during the winter months. Not only do they look beautiful and comfortable, but they are affordable too. Add some soft pillows to your sofa, or buy new cushions to liven things up. Image Source: rsynews.com



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