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13 May 2021

Water Play Activities For Kids This Summer

Water Play Activities For Kids This Summer

Let your kids have some fun with water this summer.

Image Source - www.sittercity.com

The game of water sensory bin

The game of water sensory bin is most suitable for toddlers. To watch the changing colour of water, creating bubbles, and toys float on water, there's a lot for little ones to play and learn in this game. Image Source - crazylifewithlittles.com​

A water blob in the backyard

There are other ways to get a pool-like feel if you don't have one at your home. A water blob is one of them. Create a water blob by filling the heavy-duty plastic sheet with water and cover it with duct tape. Let your kids enjoy the giant pillow filled with water in the backyard. Image Source - www.guidepatterns.com​

Water gun painting

Water gun painting is an amazing way for kids to indulge in art at home, especially during summers. All you need is a squirt gun, watercolor paper, liquid watercolors, stand, and outdoor space. Image Source -www.firefliesandmudpies.com

Water balloon games

Out of so many water balloon games, your kids will surely find something that they like. If you want to try art on balloons, fill them with water to add weight and paint with colours. Splashing water balloons at each other is so popular as a way to celebrate the festival of Holi. Make it the summer game as well. Image Source - en.wikipedia.org​



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