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15 May 2021

Outdoor Games For Kids To Utilise Their Pent-Up Energy

Outdoor Games For Kids To Utilise Their Pent-Up Energy

Some games can be played alone while some are more enjoyable in the company of friends. Image Source - www.scholastic.com


Indulge your kids in the game of skipping regularly as it makes the heart muscles stronger. Skipping also helps obese kids lose weight. Image Source - allikerr.com


Being one of the classic games for kids, hopscotch has been helping kids master body control. Playing with a friend makes the competition in hopscotch more intense and fun. Image Source - www.parents.com​

Hula hoop

A hula hoop is not so easy to do. It requires some amount of time and skill and when this skill is learned, your kids will move around with confidence. It gradually improves stamina and flexibility. Image Source - livelovehoop.com

Hide and seek

The advantage of playing hide and seek is, it doesn't require any equipment. A minimum of three players is ideal for the game and more players would double the fun. Hence, why not parents join the fun with kids? Image Source - jooinn.com



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