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21 Jul 2021

Upgrade Your Home For Monsoon Season

Upgrade Your Home For Monsoon Season

Keep your home dry and fresh during the rainy season. 

Images Source - hauterrfly.com

An umbrella stand

The use of an umbrella is quite frequent these days. Whoever enters the home including you might wet the floor, and that's annoying. Hence, keep a vase or basket at the front door and let everyone use it as an umbrella stand. Image Source - i.pinimg.com​

A doormat for monsoon

Another annoying thing that you bring at home during the monsoon is a pair of wet muddy shoes. Try to leave the mud and germs outside. Keep an appropriate doormat that can highly absorb the dirt. Image Source - amazon.com​

Waterproof paint

Begin preparation for the monsoon by taking care of your home exteriors. The continuous rainfall is harsh on the exterior walls, causing wetness, dampness, and eventually damages the walls. Waterproof the walls with the right paint and other materials. Image Source - www.businessinsider.in​

Curtains during monsoon

There's already a shortage of sunlight during the rainy season, and on top of that, if you hang dark heavy curtains, various items inside your home shall get damaged. It's better to opt for thin cotton curtains considering the wet season. Image Source - www.diariesofnomad.com​



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