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22 Jul 2021

Dos and Don’ts For Your Home During Monsoon Season

Dos and Don’ts For Your Home During Monsoon Season

Protect your home in every way you can from the rain. 

Image Source - www.newsbricks.com​

What's the arrangement for your deck or balcony?

Investing in waterproof furniture and wooden flooring of the deck or balcony is a must for a season like this. Image Source - dryproof.com​

Fix all sorts of leakages

Fix all sorts of leakages, especially the exterior of your home before the arrival of the monsoon. Image Source - restorationmasterfinder.com​

Don't use rugs

Excessive moisture during the monsoon can make your rugs smelly, and even damage them. Hence, it is best to put them back in the storeroom. Image Source - www.beautifulhomes.com​

Rainy season is not favourable for decor items made of leather

If you have sofas or other items made of leather at home, put on the slipcovers over them. The rainy season is unfavourable for the material. Image Source - i.pinimg.com​



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