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Marketing Team | 14 Dec 2022

Unique Benefits of Keeping the Money Plant at Home

Unique Benefits of Keeping the Money Plant at Home

Epipremnum Aureum, also commonly known as Money Plant is an evergreen species of flowering plants known for its rounded, coin-like, seed pods. People address money plant with several other names such as Golden Pothos, Hunter’s Robe, Ivy Arum, Silver Vine, Solomon Islands Ivy, and Taro Vine. The plant brings numerous benefits in your life if you keep it at your home. 

Money Plant as a Wealth Booster

The money plant is native to Australia and Asia. The plant has derived its name from its traditional use as a wealth and prosperity booster in the Chinese system of feng shui. The system is an ancient art of harmonizing indoor spaces by strategically placing the plant in furniture or other common household objects. People consider it a lucky plant which brings wealth and prosperity in the house

Health Benefits of Money Plant

Apart from the belief of increasing one's income and wealth, the money plant is also beneficial for your health. It is considered to be a powerful air purifying plant that cleans the air in your house very effectively, due to its particular affinity for volatile organic compounds most commonly in the form of off-gassing from synthetic paint or carpets. It also cures sleeping disorders.

Take Proper Care

It is important to understand the money plant's adequate maintenance. It is an indoor plant and should be kept in indirect sunlight. Only when it begins to appear yellow, it is a signal that you expose it to more light. Ensure the proper supply of water to your money plant with the need for water after every seven to ten days. Provide fertilizers and other nutrients quarterly to your money plant.

The Benefit of Pruning and Repotting Money Plant

Money plant does not require regular pruning but performing after a specific gap will remove the damaged or yellow leaves from the plant for better growth. Money plants grown in containers and pots require repotting after every two years. It helps tree roots and the plant itself to grow up properly. Once the plant has attained the desired size, report it again in the right manner with fresh soil.

The Vastu Side of the Money Plant

Vastu affects the money plant kept in your living space. Don't let it dry as a dry money plant is inauspicious for the finances of the house. Avoid keeping it in the North-East direction as it may lead to loss of money in the house and adversely affects the health of everyone. A money plant should be ideally kept in the south-east direction of the house 


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