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19 Jun 2018

Top 8 Plants That Offer Long-Lasting Beauty in Any Container

Top 8 Plants That Offer Long-Lasting Beauty in Any Container

If your home is not blessed with lots of space and you want to grow plants in the container, it's easy. There are many plants which take up minimal space and can act as a quick decorating tool. We found the best indoor plants that can easily be grown in a container. Image Source - gardenersworld.com


If you want a container plant loaded with pretty blossoms entire summer, cosmos plants are a great choice. Growing cosmos in the container is easy as it is a low-maintenance plant that grows best with neglect. This plant prefers poor and dry soil and you’ll be rewarded with plenty of daisy-like flowers. Image Source - southernliving.com

Coreopsis Tinctoria

Coreopsis brings prairie charm in a large container combined with other perennials. The plant prefers low-fertility soil. Try combining this plant with phormiums, nasturtiums, euphorbia and purple basil. Image Source - wooltribulations.blogspot.com


Clematis are real show stealers and they can be grown in containers, making them ideal for indoor gardens. Evergreen Clematis are can be grown easily when their roots are shaded. Therefore, add some additional perennials or seasonal bedding plants around the root system. Image Source - pinsdaddy.com

Busy Lizzie

These delightful flowering plants are also known as Impatiens walleriana. These plants can be a perfect choice for shady indoor gardens. and nowadays these decorative plants have become one of the most popular hanging basket plants. The flowers bloom in a variety of different colors including pink, red, orange, white, lilac. Image Source - thompson-morgan.com

Hedera Helix ‘Ivalace’

Hedera Helix also knew as English Ivy ‘Ivalance’, looks great in containers and hanging baskets and often grown as a houseplant. ‘Ivalace’ has dark-green, crinkled lacy leaves with wavy edges and it is best grown in fertile, medium moisture and well-drained soils. Image Source -randymiller.ca


There are several reasons why this fountain grass is a real show-stopper; it’s easy to grow, tough and truly beautiful. It is an attractive warm-season perennial and can grow in large containers with alliums to make a statement. ‘Rubrum’ has graceful stems and produces squirrel-tail flowers and grows best in full sun and average, well-drained soil. Image Source - provenwinners.com


Planting Hosta in containers has now become a trend as it makes beautiful architectural plants and grows well in containers, either alone or with other plants. You need to water hosta regularly, especially during the time of extreme heat and wind. Hostas prefer moist soil, but they don’t grow well with drenched soil. Image Source - carolynsshadegardens.com

Skimmia Japonica

Japanese Skimmia, also called as Skimmia japonica are ideal container plants. It is a fantastic evergreen foundation shrub that is blessed with glossy evergreen leaves. This plant prefers the soil acidic and well drained, and try to site the container out of the direct sun. Image Source - gardenersworld.com



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