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14 Jun 2018

7 Ways to Inspire You to Give Your Small Apartment a Makeover

7 Ways to Inspire You to Give Your Small Apartment a Makeover

Just because you live in a pint-sized apartment that doesn’t mean your apartment has to be short on style. You just need to find the right balance between style and designs and choose the right furnishing that can enhance the look of your small apartment. We’ve gathered some tips for decorating small spaces without creating clutter

Opt for Dual-Purpose Furniture

Make the most of the small space you have by opting for furniture that serves more than one function. For instance, consider a sofa that has a pull-out bed. You can invest in a coffee table that can use as a bookshelf. You can look for ottomans for storing small things. Whatever furniture you select, make sure that they are suitable for your limited space and are easy to use. Source:- freshome.com

Choose a Light-Colored Rug

Rugs are one item that can bring some warmth to your floors and help the small space feel a lot more spacious and comfortable. Well, believe it or not, choosing a light-colored rug for your room floors can make your apartment feel more spacious. Plus, pick a floor covering rug so that most of the furniture will easily sit on it. Image Source:- billyhurricanes.com

Use Lucite Tables and Chairs

Lucite tables or chairs can bring the feeling of openness, making the small space look free and spacious while being completely functional. You can try tables with transparent glass tops or non-colored glass tops that also serve the same purpose. Image Source:- thegroupeezz.com

Go Vertical with Storage

The best way to utilize small space is to go vertical with storage. This is the best idea to get the most storage out of the limited space. Tall and narrow storage systems not only provide a lot of storage area but it also gives a look of a leaner and spacious room. For instance, you can place two vertical almirahs or bookshelves on either side of the entrance. Image Source:- amysoffice.net

Play with Curtains

You don’t have to run after designer curtains. You can opt for simple patterned curtains in natural hues color which can make your small space appear larger. You can create height by hanging the simple patterned curtains from floor to ceiling or by hanging the curtains outside the window. Image Source:- trendir.com

Mirrors Are Your Friend

If your room is not blessed with an abundance of natural light, mirrors can give the illusion and can make the small space feel spacious. Try lining a wall of your room with a large mirror or you can create a gallery wall of mirrors with different sizes and shapes. Image Source:- nytexas.com

Use Lights Creatively

Using lights in your room is the simplest way to make your small space apartment feel warm and spacious. Use multiple lights in different corners of the apartment to create the feeling of enough space. Add white led lights and different lamps all around to generate a warm glow in the apartment. Image Source:- fhpcman.com



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