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26 Jun 2021

Tips To Master The Open-Living Concept

Tips To Master The Open-Living Concept

If you are considering an open-living concept for your home, take note of a few design tips. 

Image Source - www.decorilla.com

Divide the zones with furniture

While open-concept living is fascinating, it may lead to irritation if spaces are not divided properly. For that, arrange the furniture carefully so that what's happening in the kitchen should not bother the person sitting in the living space. Image Source - www.bhg.com​

Consider the entire home as one large room

It is not necessary to paint your open-living concept home with a single colour. You are free to experiment with varied colours as well as other decor aspects but make sure to keep a flow for an overall pleasing effect. Image Source - www.overstock.com

Lighting in an open-living concept

Separate the spaces with various lighting ideas. Choose a specific light fixture for every part of your open-living concept home. Image Source - www.dulux.co.uk​

Move freely in your openly-living concept home

In an open-living concept, the challenge is to accommodate everything in a single large room. Arrange everything smartly so that you can move freely. Keep walkways at least 36 inches wide. Image Source - i.pinimg.com



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