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27 Jun 2021

Maximalism Trend To Transform Your Boring Space

Maximalism Trend To Transform Your Boring Space

Embrace maximalism and spark joy in your home interiors. 

Image Source - www.prestigeonline.com

Let everything be in sync in a maximalist space

With maximalism as your purpose, begin your interior decor with colours. The colour palette you choose for a room should be in sync with the furniture and other decor items. Everything in sync will make your maximalist space look organised and clutter-free. Image Source - www.thespruce.com​

Be bold

Sometimes, all you need is a single piece of bold item like the floral backdrop to evoke the idea of maximalism in a room. Image Source - www.housebeautiful.com​

Arrange them in a group

Be it cushions, vases, wall frames, or any other decor pieces; let them stay together as a group. While minimalism says scatter, maximalism is just about forming groups. A wall filled with frames is sure to create a unique personality and grab attention. Image Source - www.yearnmirrors.com

Experiment with curtains

Curtains are a great experiment in maximalist decor. Curtains made with bold colours, heavy texture, and varied patterns make a luxurious addition to the decor. Image Source - i.pinimg.com



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