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alisha | 22 Apr 2021

Things To Consider Before Buying A Residential Property

Things To Consider Before Buying A Residential Property

Investment in real estate property is one of the most significant financial decisions in one's life as it requires a huge amount of capital. The ownership of a tangible asset like real estate property ensures security and massive returns on investment. Moreover, investment in residential property also means finding your dream home. Hence, a considerable amount of research and study will help you choose the best home and result in long-term benefits.​

Buying a home is indeed the biggest joy to experience as it requires years of saving and planning. Hence, do not select a property in haste. A wrong choice may lead you to lifetime regret and burden. “Always go for a RERA-registered project” is the first advice one will get from the experts. Besides that, there are other certain factors to consider before venturing into the residential property purchase.The following points will guide you throughout the home buying process:

In which part of the country are you planning to buy a property?

The A1 cities in India namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Chennai provide the best career opportunities and living facilities. At the same time, buying properties in such high-end regions also cost heavily on the budget. If the purpose of property purchase is for investment, another better option to consider is Tier-II cities that are fast-growing. Smaller cities like Lucknow, Chandigarh, Mohali, and Jaipur have undergone infrastructural development with the assistance of the government's Smart Cities Mission. Real estate residential projects built in these smaller cities are up to the standard of A1 cities and comparatively low in price. Hence, keep your options wide, and focus on growth and long-term benefits while deciding on a specific property.

The location of your home in the city

Once a city is decided, study the location of the residential project. Check the availability of rickshaws, buses, cabs, and metro in terms of public transport as well as the road connectivity that connects your address to other important parts of the city. Consider your property's proximity to commercial areas, schools, hospitals, offices, and more.

What type of project do you look forward to buying?

Real estate has an amazing story of evolution. The architects, developers, designers, and other technicians continue to amaze the consumers with their vision of excellence. They have pushed the envelope so much that the concept of housing projects is limitless. Smart homes, green living, fitness amenities, and mixed-use developments are some of the incredible concepts at present. Each of them has unique ways of providing comfort, luxury, entertainment, convenience, and holistic living. The only effort you have to put in is to select one project that suits your needs and budget.

What are the arrangements for kids and elderly people?

The most sorted and thoughtful residential projects are the ones that are designed keeping in view the comfort of kids and elderly members in a family. Kids love to play while elderly people find peace and joy in nature. Hence, look for features such as open and green spaces, parks, and play areas in a project. Check the proximity of hospitals from your home. The housing projects that offer medical assistance would be even more suitable.


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